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The Core of Confidence

Course Description

I felt compelled and driven to make this course a reality. The idea for this course actually started as an E-Book that I started writing a couple years ago. When I finished the book, I was very proud and excited—but I felt like something was missing, I felt like I needed to make a deeper connection with my students.

I am someone who loves learning, but it wasn’t always that way.  It wasn’t until I was properly stimulated and taught to in a fun engaging way that I enjoyed learning. I felt as though my E-Book couldn’t stimulate the reader enough with text only. I couldn’t showcase my energy, enthusiasm and passion for the material.

I decided to start over. I could have just released the book but I knew it wouldn’t be serving my friends, clients and students to put something out that I didn’t fully believe in. It took another 6 months to convert the book to this course (I couldn’t stop adding new material) and I can now say it was well worth it.

I can now incorporate and express my passion in a fun engaging way! You can now see amazing live demonstrations and examples to reinforce what you are learning. I can teach in a way that engages more of your senses to ensure the material becomes engrained within you. I can also show you exactly how I generate my strong inner confidence in a visual way.

I believe I was put here for a reason. I believe everyone deserves to feel unstoppable confidence that is generated internally that can be called upon at any moment. I also believe inside everyone there is an unlimited source of potential. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish extraordinary things. I am honored and privileged to help anyone on their journey to unleash that potential and live a confident life.

Here is what people have said about my work:

  • “Steve’s energy is infectious.  He delivers deep and impactful concepts that are so relevant in the busy and cluttered world in a clear and methodical way.” -Tony, Director, Johnson & Johnson
  • “Steve’s coaching helped me to realize I had allowed my own beliefs about the world, and where I fit into it, to be colored by someone else’s story; essentially, instead of blazing my own path and crafting my own personal narrative, I was designing a life meant to be distinctive from someone else’s.”   –Rachel, Coaching Client, Strategy Consultant
  • “I have the worst habit of constantly doubting myself so what [Steve] talked about really hit home. It was so motivational! -Samantha, University Student
  • “As someone who has worked in learning and education in both the academic and corporate settings, I was impressed with how Steve implemented the session. He used humor, personal experiences, and energy to inspire.” –Gene, University Professor
  • “Seeing Steve coach himself out of some of the deepest, darkest times in his life into what he has become, is living proof that he practices what he preaches and he can bring out the best in [you].” –Eric, Northwestern Mutual
  • “He [Steve] is incredibly valuable at his ability to help bring out the best in people and team members. He knows how to focus on real opportunities and has the most important skill of all of being able to ask the right questions at the right time.” -Matt, TEDx co-curator


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