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C++ Intermediate: Build C++ Programs

Course Description

Build C++ programs that focus on developing your intermediate skills and apply more advanced C++ concepts and language fundamentals. Gain experience and build your portfolio of developed C++ programs by following the hands-on video tutorials as if your coding alongside the instructor. This course is about building C++ programs from scratch, applying and practicing beginner knowledge learned, developing skills at the intermediate level and having fun.

This course covers software installation on Windows and Mac. The software used in this course is free and open source for both platforms therefore there are no additional costs. The software is easy to setup, install and use and we cover all this in the course.

Each C++ program we write in this course focuses on applying certain skills and learning something new about C++ programming. The programming difficulty levels increase as you progress through the course. We start with more basic programs to ease into the course and refresh skills however you can move through the course as you choose since different programs are focused on in different sections. The C++ programs we write in this course cover essential intermediate skills and concepts.

In this course we write professional C++ code that adheres to standards and best practices. Its not just about writing some code its about writing professional code that you and anyone else would enjoy working with, contributing to and maintaining. You can apply the professional programming practices to any development language as those skills are transferable.

This course is for C++ developers looking to increase their C++ skills, students looking to build programs, those looking to gain more practical and applied experience building C++ programs, people looking for a refresher in C++ and those looking to practice and apply their C++ knowledge and skills.

Building C++ programs is exciting and an interesting way to learn new skills and increase your knowledge. Applying skills developed and knowledge learned through building programs in C++ is a great way to increase your practical C++ experience.


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