Udemy 8: Tap into Serial Buyers & Spike Sales – Unofficial [100% off]

Udemy 8: Tap into Serial Buyers & Spike Sales - Unofficial

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Udemy Success 7: Tap Into Serial Buyers during Udemy Black Friday Sales To Spike up to Thousands of Dollars. Last year,  I spiked to $7000+ dollars in November, 2016


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Course Updated: Nov 1, 2016


One of the first thing I learned teaching online is that you need to CREATE your success.  I didn’t first learn the success from Business courses but from my music courses.

Create your success by creating courses that get SERIAL Buyers.

What do I mean by “Serial Buyers”?

Serial buyers are students who are so in love with you and your courses that they want to buy EVERYTHING from you. OF course, you need to be an outstanding good teacher.  You also need to learn how to create your courses that are unique.  Don’t be copy cats.

  • It’s not good enough to be an outstanding teacher with quality content
  • Also be an entrepreneur outstanding teacher that knows how to create courses for EASY marketing!

Turn your Students all into SERIAL Buyers.

Watch how Serial Buyers go in Action in my Courses!

Many of these buyers will buy, but the question is: “How do you make sure they buy YOUR courses and not your COMPETITORS?

Many instructors don’t make money, PERIOD. It is the truth. There are so many bad courses on Udemy and even more clueless instructors. How do you go from ‘clue-less to clued-in?

The Good News is that you can make some changes right away TODAY if you take the right action.

Even if you are a new instructor, you will see BIG result in a very SHORT time, especially during the 10 Day Black Friday Sales. There is no up front cost to put a course at Udemy.

Here I give you 5 BIG Tips of what Serial Buyers look for:

Tip 1: Not just Multiple Series of Courses but Series in Groups

Tip 2: Let your images Scream to them

Tip 3: Show them Numbers for Learning Progression

Tip 4:  Serial buyers look for Specifics

Tip 5:  Be Even more specific in Business Courses

If you are Teaching Business Courses,please note this:  You will never be successful if you keep teaching basic general things. Nobody buys them. Nobody wants to follow you.  You are too boring. They can find this out themselves on the net. Why bother going through your courses unless you are a dynamic charismatic person who really gives people lots of TIPS and SECRETS in the General things.  So always take them to them to the specifics!  That is where the individual TEACHER shines.  That is where your personality comes out in a vivid way.

Here is the Secret: These Serial buyers give you exponential growth sales.

Our online business depends on Courses sales:

  • It doesn’t mean that the more courses you have, the more sales you will get.
  • But if you create one course and stop there, that will definitely lead to failure.
  • You must strive for creating the ‘kind’ of courses that will increasing in sales for long term business
  • You must sit down and plan ahead as to how you are going to creating courses at Udemy to make a profitable business

Understand that the way you create your courses online at Udemy will lead to 3 kinds of Sales Results:

1.  Linear no growth Sales:  X + X

2.  Linear Growth Sales: X  + 2X + 3X  + 4X …. etc.

3.  Exponential Growth:  X 2  – X Square!

Learn MY SECRET Weapon when it comes to Courses Creation:

  • Don’t be Satisfied with just steady slow growth.
  • Steady slow growth can suddenly go into decline moving down your sales curve.
  • You need exponential sales growth to bring sales peaks higher and higher.
  • Get the serial buyers in to give you that exponential growth.

Imagine the Potential you can tap into if you create courses that will lead to Exponential Growth such that your online business takes off!  That is exactly what happened to me teaching online at Udemy for the last 2 years.  You need to take off in the beginning months or else you will get discouraged and quit altogether which is happening to a lot of Udemy instructors.

Learn from my experience!

Nothing happens haphazardly!

To win in the Race – You must PREPARE WELL!

Preparing Well is the Key. Don’t wait until November. Start Today!

Come on in and we are going to have some fun together,



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