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Udemy Success 4 – Learn how to effectively do Udemy Launches to get into the New & Noteworthy section in the 1st Month.

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Course Updated: Nov 1, 2016


Your Udemy course lives or dies in the first month.

If you don’t do your promotion effectively, your Udemy course just gets buried with no sales. Udemy instructors become successful because they have learned how to effectively promote their Udemy course in the first 30 day Launch.

Do you ever wonder why Udemy promote certain courses and not others?

Perhaps you have been waiting for Udemy to promote your courses but to no avail.

Why is it that your Udemy courses never get noticed by Udemy?

Why is it so difficult to get your courses to the New & Noteworthy section?

How to get our courses to the 4 positions in the Top Paid so that our courses have visibility?

Here’s the Secret: You need to do some “effective promotion” in the first month whereby you get students to engage into your course, to finish 100% right away, and to leave glowing reviews for you voluntarily!

You win or lose here! I am here to help you ‘finally win’!

Many instructors wait around for Udemy to do the promotion for them. The fact is that Udemy will not promote your course until they see that your course launches well in the first month. How will they know? They will see whether your course is worthy to go into the New & Noteworthy Section by the percentage of students engagement, students finishing the course 100%, students writing reviews, and students buying your course in this 1st month. That is how crucial the first month is!

In this course, I am going to teach you Udemy Tips & Tricks that I use to launch each one of my course successfully so that my courses always get noticed by Udemy. Whenever I launch a new course, I do my effective powerful promotion. Udemy takes notice of me and put my courses to the New & Noteworthysection immediately after launch! I do what Udemy wants. Udemy likes what I do!

In this course, I show you my SECRET POWER of the First Month Launch. This course is unique because I developed this POWER Launch myself. This course is not a copy of any Udemy marketing courses you see in Udemy. After a successful year in Udemy, I have tapped into the SOURCE of how to do my own promotion to succeed with Udemy.

First, you need to be very FOCUSED in this first month of launching. Nothing succeeds in a haphazard way. Too many things often demand our attention in the first month that we lose sight of what is IMPORTANT and what takes PRIORITY! Knowing your priority and successfully accomplishing the tasks in front of you will lead you to success in this first month of launching our courses.

I cover the following special topics with you:

1. Know what a course needs to launch successfully.

2. Know how to get into the 4 spots in the New & Noteworthy Section

3. Know how to do your own promotion to get initial Reviews.

4. Learn how to get targeted students, not just students.

5. Learn how to effectively promote your courses to build up your sales.

6. Use Rosa’s technique: students will finish the course 100% right away!

7. Use Rosa’s technique: Students are SO WILLING to write reviews for you immediately!

8. Turn your students to loyal FOLLOWERS taking ALL your courses with excitement!


Special Lecture: **Immediate Proof: Success 4 got into New & Noteworthy IMMEDIATELY after Launch**

Bonus Section: Students Successes & Interviews with them.

Come on in and enroll into this course,


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