Udemy – YouTube Success – Make Money From Your Videos [100% off] Worth $129!

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Course Description

You can make money from YouTube!

You’ve probably heard that all kinds of people are creating YouTube videos and they’re making money from it. YouTube is paying them for their videos on their channels!

By enrolling your YouTube channel in YouTube’s Partner Program, you can make money from your YouTube channel, too!

However, they don’t accept all channel requests to monetize the channel (at least not right when the channel owner requests monetization).

But Udemy instructor Glory Borgeson’s three YouTube channels were approved for monetization within one day of her requests.


In this course, Glory fills you in on why her requests for channel monetization were approved quickly.

Then she shows you how to do the same for your channel.


Included in this course are tips for getting started with your own YouTube channel. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started!

Even if you already have a channel, this course includes many ideas for:

  • Creating better videos
  • Gaining more subscribers
  • Increasing your views
  • Increasing your viewers’ watch times
  • Being strategic in how you manage your channel so that you make more money


YouTube’s Partner Program is a revenue sharing agreement between YouTube and their Partners (you!).

There are over 80 lectures in this course – designed to help you learn about building a YouTube channeland how to make money from it – without feeling like you’re drinking water from a fire hose.

Let’s get started helping you create a fantastic YouTube channel and making money from your channel, too!

(Udemy has a 30-day full money back guarantee. If you don’t like the course, let Udemy know and they’ll refund your money.)

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