Udemy – How to Start your Own $400+/day Freelancing Business: FAST! [100% off] Worth $227!

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Course Description

Quickly build your very own Freelancing Business in just 75 minutes of lectures using the $uperQuick Learning Method. The course strips away time-wasting “fluff” and circles in on the essential lessons you’ll need to be successful. Your instructor packs the very best of his 35 years of Freelancing experience and a top MBA education into 15 powerful lectures and 9 helpful worksheets and quizzes.

Learn the Steps to Start Your own Freelancing Business Using the $uperQuick Learning Method

Step 1. Understand what the Freelance Business is and if starting your own Freelance Business is Right For You

Step 2. Uncover your most marketable skills and find your most profitable markets

Step 3. Learn the Business Fundamentals necessary to start and manage your successful Freelance Business

Step 4. Discover tips and tricks to find New Customers Fast, Manage Projects, and Grow Your Business

Don’t miss out on the $ being made by Freelancers—Learn how to start your own Freelance Business Today!

In this course I cram all the “must know” lessons I have learned from 35 years of trial and error in the Freelance Business. Learn many of the same principles that Brad Pitt, Stephen King and Jimi Hendrix all used to launch their Freelance careers.

Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned veteran, I will walk you through each step of starting and growing your Freelance Business. Learn how to define your business strategy, create your freelance service offering, get your first customers, manage projects and keep your business healthy and growing. You will get Special Bonus Lessons that include watching out for “Potholes” and how to deal with important Business Issues.

Contents and Overview

When I decided to start my own freelancing business, I would have given anything to learn from someone who had real-life, “in-the-trenches” experience. First, I didn’t know anyone who was making money doing what I wanted to do, and, second, I wouldn’t have gotten any of their time even if I did. Now decades later, I am sharing the most important lessons I learned, so others can more easily build their Freelance Business. I walk you step by step through the entire process of building a Great Business. You will experience the thrill of being your own boss, deciding where and when you want to work, and controlling how much money YOU want to make.

The entire course is packed into just 15 lectures compressed into just 75 minutes of video. The course is specifically designed for people who want to get started or improve their business fast.

The first section of the course covers everything you will need to get started, including picking a service that is the best fit for you.

Then you will then learn how to get new customers, manage projects and get plenty of repeat business.

Finally, you will learn how to “tweak” your business, increase your productivity and keep your business growing and growing.

I have included plenty of Free Bonus Materials to make the Course even more effective. There are 9 $uperQuick Worksheets and Quizzes that reinforce learning and will save you time and money.

By the end of this course, you will have unstoppable confidence to start and grow your own Freelance Business. You will know the fundamentals of business strategy, marketing, sales, and client management. You will have identified your most profitable services and how to price them to make the most money. Anyone can learn . . . don’t wait . . . start your course and start building your future now!


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