Udemy – You CAN paint this watercolour in FIVE EASY TO FOLLOW STEPS [100% off]

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You CAN paint this watercolour in FIVE EASY TO FOLLOW STEPS

Course Description

I call this a ‘painting workshop’ simply because it stands on it’s own.

If you like this picture and want to paint it, then that’s exactly what you will do, effortlessly.

You will be able to follow my clear and friendly videos, looking over my shoulder as I paint every step of the way.

Each step has a video fully supported with any extra visual images or text that you might need to help you fully understand each painting process.

At the end, not only will you have painted a beautiful atmospheric painting but you will also have learned a number of valuable tips when working with watercolour paints.

Learn how to plan and mix your colours effectively. How to achieve a sense of warmth and shade and how to use enough detail painting to enhance the sense of distance in a landscape.

Each lecture stops at a natural break, as you would wait for you paint to dry and my relaxed and clear narration will help you fully understand the process. Enjoy it and don’t forget to share your painting with us all.

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