Udemy – Writing for business: how to win anyone over with your words [100% off]

Course Description

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Learn the skills that allow business writers like me to earn up to $1,200 a day writing for the world’s best companies!
An essential skill that will set you apart in the workplace
Getting customers to buy your product. Persuading investors to back your idea. Inspiring your boss or team to get on board with a new strategy. Whatever your line of work, in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to win people over with words. 
That’s why learning to write with impact is a powerful skill that will set you or your business apart. It’s also a skill that the world’s top companies will pay you very well for – £250-£850 a day (figures from the Professional Copywriters’ Network).
If you only take one writing course, it NEEDS to be this one
This course is the most comprehensive business writing course on Udemy. It’s an elite course by a University of Cambridge graduate and teacher. And it’s for anyone who’s serious about becoming a better business writer. 
If you ever need to write as part of your job, you’ll benefit from the tips and techniques here. Whether you’re sending sales emails to customers or writing a report for the board.
Beat writer’s block once and for all
We start with the big themes. Like beating writer’s block. The importance of building a profile of your reader. And how to identify and foreground what matters most in your message. 
Perfect your writing technique for sparkling prose
Then, we drill down into the nuts and bolts of how to write in a way that keeps people reading. Like what words to choose. What to cull and what to keep. And how to craft a sentence that sings. 
Storytelling and neuroscience – to power up your persuasiveness
Finally, we look at how to use storytelling techniques to power up your prose. You’ll learn how to use metaphor to convey complex ideas. And discover how to use the latest findings from neuroscience to make your reader’s brain light up – and your message stick. 
Learn to write from the world’s greatest leaders
Throughout the course, we’ll examine good and bad examples of business writing, analysing what works and what doesn’t. And you’ll be learning from some of the most brilliant, inspiring leaders of all time – from Steve Jobs to Winston Churchill. You’ll even learn a little grammar tip from Beyonce that will boost your persuasive power! 
And you’ll have a chance to test your progress with quizzes. And put theory into practice with exercises based on real-life business writing scenarios. 
Discover the tools top business writers use to hone their writing – all FREE
You’ll also discover a wealth of writing resources, including brilliant online tools you can use to assess and improve the quality of your writing. And you’ll get downloadable “cheat sheets” you can use to ease the writing process in your daily work.
You should take this course if you want to:
  • Build your confidence and find your voice as a writer
  • Learn the skills that allow the top copywriters to earn between £250 to £800 a day
  • Use words to persuade your employees, your bosses, your customers or investors
  • Communicate complex ideas in a way that inspires your readers
  • Hook your readers in from the outset
  • Save time by writing less but saying more
  • Hone your message down to the stuff that matters
  • Structure your work for maximum persuasive power
  • Understand the difference between elegant simplicity and dumbing down
  • Edit your work so you say what you mean (and mean what you say)
  • Craft sentences that are clear, succinct and persuasive
  • Use online tools for assessing and boosting your readability
  • Distinguish between words that build bridges and words that build barriers
  • Find and tell compelling stories that make people see the world your way
  • Use the latest findings from neuroscience to craft messages that stick

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