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Course Description

This course was taught using, video, lecture notes, practical examples. It started with the definition of what is search engine optimization, and proceeded to define search engines. The explanations provided will enable the students understand both.

We examined the facts about search engine optimization. It’s important for the students to understand these facts about SEO. A good understanding of these important facts, will be of immense benefits to the student, because it will help them, make up their mind either for, or against using SEO. A quiz was included to test the knowledge of the students regarding the topic under discussion.

We looked at the various types of search engines, listing fifteen of them. Emphasise were made on the top four, that is Google, Youtube, Bing and Yahoo. The student will understand that these top four search engines controls the major traffic. A quiz was included to test the knowledge of the students on search engines.

We defined what an SEO friendly article means, and outlined the tips for writing a perfect SEO article. Some of the tips are, keyword, and example of keywords, word limit, SEO images, quality articles, SEO friendly blogs/websites, etc. A good understanding of these will help the student to write great SEO articles.

This course examined some SEO difficulties, and explained that, no one can guarantee the appearance of your article on first/top pages on the search engines. Search engine algorithm changes more frequently. Search engines are not objective etc.

Other article marketing tools/methods were examined. We looked at article directories, paid adverts, use of email lists, optimizing social media etc. It is expected that any student that completes this course, can write a sound and solid SEO friendly articles on his/her own. In addition, the students should be able to market his/her own articles on their own. This solves the problem of personal article marketing.


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