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PRICE UPDATE: Price will go up to $77 on October 1st 2015.

COURSE UPDATE:Twelve students within the first twenty four hours.

There is a better way to write your non-fiction book.

Anyone can write a quality non-fiction book using this very simple method, as long as you can use a keyboard.

Other writing methods follow the long laborious method of creating an outline, writing the book, and finally spending a long time editing it. This method is different, much easier, and produces a far better quality result.

The normal way is to spend a lot of time creating the outline. After that, there is the long writing process. Finally, you have to edit everything you’ve written.

This Write In Steps method combines all three steps.

In simple steps, you will add all the elements required to make a top quality non-fiction book.

  • You start with easy to create lists
  • Then you use my unique and effective Conversation Method to expand it element.
  • Next,,you add other things that make it a quality book.
  • The editing is done in very easy chunks using my very effective three step editing process. I find that it allows you to easily eliminate just about every error and poor wording.

I reveal my very effective way to write top quality non-fiction books. It’s far simpler than the normal process and produces excellent results.

This process didn’t happen overnight. I developed it over years of experience, testing, and trial and error. My books and writing have improved as the method gradually improved. The process is so simple that anybody, who can type, can write a non-fiction book.

You will learn…

  • Create simple lists that take just minutes. These are the important basics of your book.
  • One at a time, you’ll easily be able to expand each item using my unique conversation method. I will reveal it to you. It is super simple and you’ll always know what to say.
  • In simple steps, you’ll add examples, analogies, and learning aids.
  • Edit the short section before you repeat with the next. I will teach you the most effective way to catch every single error and poor wording. It’s a highly effective editing process I developed through trial and error. It doesn’t miss a thing.
  • Learn how to craft an introduction that will practically force people to buy and read your book. This is a very effective three step process.
  • I tell you the simple book conclusion that reviewers of my books have they love.

Stop writing your books the old hard way. Use the simple Write In Steps method from now on.


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