Udemy – Write a Powerful Business Plan for Your Non-Profit. [100% off] Worth $279 !!


Building your non-profit’s business plan does not need to be arduous or a mystery. This course will guide you through a unique process and way of thinking in your business planning that will inspire, energize and create clarity for both your team and funders – the same process that enabled our clients to collectively raise over $400 million from foundations and major donors. 
In this course, you will develop and write your business plan as well as prepare for your pitch. Topics include the following:
  • Determine the bad habits and flaws of the typical business planning process and how to avoid them.
  • Grasp how major donors and foundations look at business plans and in what way to address their needs to gain their support.
  • Develop the list of important questions that must be answered by your plan.
  • How to conduct due diligence and research to develop strategic options for your plan – think outside the lines.
  • Develop material agreements about your strategy and plan.
  • Create a strong business plan document that addresses key agreements in a way that funders will understand.
  • Prepare your epic pitch to a variety of large donors and foundations.
  • Understand how to approach these funders.
You can navigate through this course in under three hours plus added time for your research, meetings and document writing. Structured in 7 easy to understand video lectures, it also includes recommended activities and steps to complete your business plan. 

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