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Course Description

Learn Step by Step on How to Become a Professional Worship Leader!

This course will cover everything that you need to know to get started leading worship. All the mistakes that would normally be made in the first 5-10 years of leading worship will all be covered in this course so that you can be the most effective and proficient worship leader you can be!

Don’t just jump right into leading worship just because you have musical ability, there is so much more to it! This course will cover all the little details you need to know on becoming a worship leader!


This Course Will Cover a Massive Variety of Topics in a Condensed, easy to understand Form!

We will cover topics such as:

  • How to pick worship songs for a set list for ALL worship styles!
  • Picking the right keys for the congregation, you, and your band members
  • How and when to add in new songs
  • How to transpose songs the easy way!
  • Proficiently organizing your worship music
  • Fighting the number one mistake in worship leading: Flow and Transitions
  • Picking verses for songs
  • Encouraging your band
  • How to lead a productive rehearsal
  • How to do a proper sound check
  • Our attitude as a worship leader
  • Using loops and backtracks
  • Training your band
  • How to engage your congregation in worship
  • Embracing imperfection
  • Playing an instrument and talking
  • Helpful tools
  • Handling conflict
  • Style adaption
  • Role of each instrument

This Course Will Be Structured in a Simple Easy-to-Apply Format

The outline of the course will cover everything involved these simple topics:

  • Before Rehearsal
  • During Rehearsal
  • During Worship
  • Bonus Extra Information
  • Roles of Individual Instruments


This Course is Designed Specifically for You!

If you want to start on the pathway of becoming a worship leader or increasing your knowledge and skills in worship leading, then this course will take you on the path to being the best worship leader you can be!

Why Take WorshipTraining?

There is always more to learn, however I have been blessed with the opportunity to gain an abundance of knowledge and experience on the subject of Worship.

  • I have graduated the MVMNT School of Worship
  • Studying Worship Arts courses for 1 full year
  • Written 15+ worship songs
  • Been leading worship consistently for 7 years
  • Been researching the art of worship for 3 years
  • Been invited to lead worship for countless events and churches


If you want to be the most effective tool for God to use you and change the lives of the congregation, this course will set you on the perfect path to success!


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