Udemy – WordPress : Design, Develop & Test – Without A Webhost [100% off]

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If you want to learn how to do WordPress design, development, and testing in the quickest, safest, best possible way then this is the course for you!
It WON’T teach you HOW to design, develop, and test, but it WILL teach you how to create your very own web server environment on your PC, Mac, or Linux computer using XAMPP, so that you can safely, quickly, and easily do all your WordPress work offline, without needing a web host.
You need this course if you want to…
  • Work on client sites
  • Work with live sites in a safe, controlled environment offline
  • Make changes – without breaking the live website
  • Clean up malware infections safely
  • Put security in place BEFORE putting your (or your clients) website in a risky situation
  • Design, develop, and test in a secure and private environment
  • Work anywhere, without having to worry about an internet connection
In this course you are going to learn how to install a WordPress site from scratch, as well as how to take an existing site currently hosted on the internet, and replicate the site on your local computer.
You are then going to see a practical, real world example of working with WordPress using XAMPP on your local computer. You will be shown step-by-step how to remove thousands of spam comments from a WordPress site, quickly, safely, and easily, on the local computer before the site is then uploaded to a live web host.
This course has been created by someone who has been using WordPress since it’s very first release, and who has been actively creating WordPress websites for himself and his clients since 2003.
You NEED this course if…
  • You have a site that has malware or phishing exploits that you need to clear up
  • You need to build a website somewhere the client can’t access it- until you are ready for them to see it
  • You have site that you need to make a make a major redesign to
  • You need to make ANY changes to a WordPress site (even if it’s just a plugin upgrade) and don’t want to mess up the whole site

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