Udemy – When Do I Clap? An Insider’s Guide to Symphony Concerts [100% off]


When do I clap? That’s the one question about attending symphony concerts that almost everyone is too afraid to ask. Everybody has an opinion, but few people really know the answer. 
Imagine the following scenario:
The music has ended and a few people are nervously clapping while others are giving them some serious stink-eye. You think, “Should I clap, or shouldn’t I?” It seems like everybody has the rule book except for you. You begin to panic. 
Relax — “When Do I Clap?” is here to help!
Let GRAMMY® nominated classical musician Tom Peters help guide you though the ins and outs of attending a symphony concert. Tom brings nearly 30 years of experience playing in professional orchestras to give you an insider’s look at how symphony concerts work. 
This course teaches you all you need to know to be an insider in attending symphony concerts. We’ll talk about simple things, like knowing when to clap, when to arrive, and getting the best seats. We’ll discuss the instruments of the orchestra, what to listen for, and what all those hand gestures the conductor makes really mean. 
If your date wants to go to the symphony, your boss has given you the firm’s season tickets to impress a client, or maybe you’ve been listening to the local classical radio station and want to see the symphony live, then this course is for you! 
“When Do I Clap?” gives you the insider knowledge you need. In about 2 hours’ time, you’ll have everything you need to just sit back and enjoy the ride! 

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