Udemy – Web Snax: Right-Brained Recipes for Easier Web Site Design [100% off] Private Course !!

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Are you ready to get a full web design overview from an artist, designer, and professor teaching web design since 2002 to hundreds of happy University students who now never have to pay anyone else to make their own websites? Many have also gone on to start their own web design businesses or joined companies as well-paid web designers.

This course gives a BROAD overview of some of the most important aspects of web design. It will best serve:

Complete beginners who have a slight fear of computers and technology. (You only have to know what a website is to get started in this course, and possibly know how your mouse works, etc)
Web design novices who already may have had some training and want to fill in some gaps or learn something new.

Left-brained programmer types (I admire you all SO much!) who want to learn more about design and more right-brained visual strategies to complement your technical skills and daring-do.
Novice to Intermediate Web Designers looking for more intuitive ways of accomplishing common web tasks, without all the technical jargon and assumptions about your coding capabilities.
The idea behind this course was originally to create a go-to resource of lessons for my offline Web Design 1 University Students at The American University of Rome to use during and after learning the fundamentals of web design in a 14 week period.

Towards the end of the course I will start to get into Content Management Systems and WordPress, paid web hosts, domain names, and setting up a more dynamic site. These are things I don’t get a chance to cover in my Web Design 1 course, but often help students with after they’ve taken the course or want to do an Advanced Web Independent Study.

You will come across a lot of people who want to take shortcuts and skip the foundations of web design and just want to get working in WordPress. That’s fine if all you want to do is maintain a website that someone else created for you and nothing much more.

If however, you want to be that person making a decent income setting up websites for other people, including in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and the like, you MUST learn how everything works, even if it’s increasingly rare to make websites from scratch with just code in a text editor, or even a site from scratch in Dreamweaver.

If you know nothing to very little about web design, I encourage you to take the lessons in numerical order. If you know already some things about web design, feel free to jump around as needed.

This course is free as I continue to set it up, will be very inexpensive once it’s half done (mid December 2014 or so), and once it’s finished will be just under $200.

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