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What if we told you that children with the best vocabularies get the best grades in school and often go on to be the most successful in their chosen careers.

What if you knew that:

  • Better vocabulary = better income
  • The more words a child knows, the greater that child’s success
  • Just learning 10 words can expose your son or daughter to 90 more
  • Your child’s ability to use his given language is the key to all his learning

Wouldn’t you as a caring parent want to ensure that your son or daughter has a good vocabulary?

What about spelling?

Perhaps he (or she) knows how to pronounce the word… but can he spell it?

Should it end in -tion or -sion? -ance or -ence? Is it an -ei word or an -ie word?

Should that be course or coarse? Berry or bury? Canon or cannon?

Our courses teach the spelling of every vocabulary word presented.

How do you know what your child doesn’t know?

That’s the purpose of this course. It is designed for you to test your child’s knowledge.

Over time you will find here quizzes on all the areas that the average 9-12 year old needs to know to succeed at school.

It will also help you to decide which of our courses you should get for your child.

Our curriculum is governed by the work being done by a 10 year old in preparation for the 11+ exam, also known as the secondary school entrance exam. It is therefore a solid foundation for any child of that age.

How does your child compare with others his age?

Find out now

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Commit to working with your son or daughter over the next year…

Your present actions determine your child’s future

Dova Team

P.S. Check in often, we’ll be adding new quizzes and courses frequently to improve your child’s grades at school.

P.P.S. If your ward can’t correctly answer all the questions on a quiz, be sure to get the corresponding Smarter Kids in a Year course here on Udemy.


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