Udemy – VKontakte. The Russian Facebook. Double your customers now! [100% off]

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Important notes:
  • Initial price is $25, but will next increase to $59 (When? SOON)
  • New lectures and updates (2-3 lectures and monthly updates)
  • Full 30 day money-back-in-full guarantee
  • Support (within the day)
  • More than 7,000 students joined my courses and 40+ FIVE star reviews
1. Learn how to embed Russian captions to your videos
2. Learn how to reach a 280 million Russian speaking audience
English-only speakers can use VK and I can show you how!

Get new customers from emerging markets! 
This course has NO competition at Udemy. Not yet! Jump in NOW!
This is THE “How To” Online Course for the rapidly growing Russian/European version of Facebook, VKontake or VK, with over 280,000,000 members and growing by the minute! Business Owners & Entrepreneurs alike will benefit tremendously from this specifically designed course that will equip you, with all the tools and skills, to set-up and operate VK. 
Get the foundation, concepts and features that will help you double your customers in record breaking time! Social Media Marketing is the fastest growing advertising vehicle in today’s rapidly changing world, and this course will help you build your business in your own laser targeted market, as well as focus on emerging markets (those that focus here, can make great leaps and bounds ahead).
This course is jam packed with (16+) Lectures, totaling nearly one hour of hard hitting specifically VK designed content, establish and keep VK working for you, to achieve all your business goals.
From an overview, to creating carefully crafted pages, proper settings, self-analysis as well as competitive analysis and strategy building tips. 
You will also learn how to embed Russian captions in your videos.
From marketing tools to building email lists, this course takes the confusion out of the process. It’s just as easy to understand and useful for the novice as well as the seasoned on line marketer. 
You will learn it all in this powerful course; from increasing traffic, enhancing conversions, creating copy that works, creative posts, developing an award winning profile, to how to build your brand, as well as, all the critical steps to create the most buzz for your time spent and dollars invested. 
This course can be taken from anywhere at any time, on demand, to help you take the confusion out of VK in a clear, logical and structured way taught by Christos Pittis, a Premium Educator, Entrepreneur Business & Tech. Don’t delay, take the course today to master VK to double your customers now! 
Join the Russian Facebook today 

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