Udemy – Video Genius – film yourself saying stuff with an iPad [100% off]


So you have important stuff to say and you want to say it using video. Great idea. Very now. But wait! Some or all of these things are stopping you:
– you don’t have a video camera
– you don’t know how to use a video camera
– you don’t have any video editing software
– you don’t know how to use video editing software
– you don’t know how to upload a video
– you don’t know what to say
– you can’t afford to use a video production company
– you don’t want to use a video production company every time you want to say something 
So let’s just forget about the whole video thing. NOOOOO! You were so close. Quick! Do you have an iPad? No? Can you borrow one then? Come on! Yes? Then you’re back in business! In fact you’re ahead of the game! 
An iPad (or iPad mini):
– is economical
– is easy to film with
– has great quality video when used correctly
(that’s right. Don’t worry about the video quality – concentrate on the content instead).
– is easy to edit video with
– is easy to upload video from
(Hold on! It’s a portable TV studio!)
– is capable of making both kinds of video
– Logical and emotional. There’s more in my biography. We’re looking at logical here. But there’s a brave new emotional world of video beyond this, and it doesn’t require quite as much additional equipment
– Really?
– I think so.
– Where were we? Oh yes… An iPad is…
– the future. 
So you want to say stuff on video with an iPad. That makes you a VIDEO GENIUS in my book and this course is just for you. 
To do it right we’ll need to discuss:
– how to master the iPad video camera
– how to mount the iPad on a tripod
– which tripods do the job economically
– which external microphones improve the iPad’s own audio
– which lights make your picture zing
– how to stand there and say stuff confidently
– how to edit out the surplus bits of your performance using the Pinnacle Studio video editing App
– how to upload your monologue to YouTube still using your iPad (Genius!) 
VIDEO GENIUS is for anyone interested in iPad video and video editing. This includes absolute beginners. The course will take around an hour and is being added to all the time as I search tirelessly for the best way for your to say your stuff using iPad video.