Udemy – Vedic Maths – Faster and Accurate methods- Huge Time saver! [100% off]

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This course will help you to develop your ability to perform basic multiplication, division and other math functions more efficiently by following simple steps. 
Simple means there are some cases when you have to multiply big numbers, you actually get the result by just addition and subtraction. for example, to multiply 5874 × 9, traditional methods required 4 times of multiplication and addition but with just two subtractions, we will be able to get the same result( Best part is we are not doing any real multiplication at all!). 
you can verify the answers without a calculator. This will be really useful when you are not allowed to use a calc in exam where you can avoid casual errors. 
The course will start from simple multiplication methods as a base and in next lessons, the same methods will be used to do scale up the methods to large numbers. 
We planned to add voice and some other interactive inputs to the course based on the feedback. There will be a clear worksheet with steps and answer keys will be provided. But more practice is the only way to get it as a habit on your mind. Happy learning!

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