Udemy – VAK: A Guide to More Effective Interpersonal Communications [100% off] Worth $99!

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Course Description

All of us communicate and learn in our own unique ways. This course will explore the VAK Communications Model which is made up of visual, auditory, and Kinesthetic styles.

Understanding your own profile will help you improve your interaction with colleagues, family, friends, and even complete strangers. What you’ll discover in the course can make a dramatic difference in your life. All you have to do is discover the concepts, do a bit of practice, and then complete the self-audit.

Once you understand the different profiles, you can…

  • get your point across in a way that people will understand,
  • establish rapport quickly to facilitate smother interactions,
  • absorb information with greater ease and comprehension,
  • enhance your leadership skills and accelerate your career.


password : 20151026

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