Udemy – Using External Resource Files in Unity for Optimizing Games [100% off]

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Course Description

In this Tutorial we will go through simple tips and tricks on how you can optimize your game withdifferent ways:

  • Load files(image,text etc) from the resource folder so that your file size doesn’t get too big. It is helpful when you are creating a game that’s file size is too big: Example(First person shooter)
  • Load(image,text etc) files by downloading them from the internet and showing in your game on runtime.
  • Save and load players data by using static properties.
  • Save and load players data by using playerprefs.
  • In addition we will take screenshot from our game.


You should know how classes in C# work, Static variables and methods as these are the very basic concepts in object-oriented programming. Also you should know the basic scripting and editor tools like inspector, Game objects and all the basic stuff and you will be good to go πŸ™‚ The you can combine these concepts with my previous courses “Facebook integration in unity” and “Everything about GUI” so that you can create the most common features like saving and loading the players data in the UI game objects and sharing your screenshot on Facebook and challenging your friends etc.


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