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Unity UI for Beginners: Creating Game Menus Quickly

Course Description

Learn how to use Unity UI! Become familiar with designing UI in your games and applications in Unity using C Sharp. Every application needs UI, so it is important that you learn the ins and outs to improve not only the game creation process but also the user experience.

Learn to set up the Interactive Graphic User Interface.

  • Understand the organization of Unity UI.
  • Learn how to set up responsive GUI.
  • Recognize the methods for creating and calling functions with Unity UI.

Every Game Needs Graphic Interface

Like water to humans, graphic interface is needed for any program that is published. From sliders, buttons, and toggles, to simple panels that show instructions for the user. Unity UI allows for easy setup of these functions. We will learn how to set up graphics, so they stretch with the screen and go over all the important components of the UI. We’ll do this by creating a simple menu script that grabs information from the player and stores it.

Many doors will open to you once you have a grip on GUI. When working with a team having an understanding of UI helps your stand out. You might become the leader for GUI creation, or you might become the go-to guy for any interface support.

Course Content Overview

The course is meant to expand your knowledge in tools provided in the Unity game engine. You’ll the importance of anchor points, pivot points, and other UI related features. Our goal will be to create a scene where we use all of the Unity UI elements and interact with the input via C Sharp code.

Midway through the course you will have learned how to set up GUI to your needs and liking. Whether you want it to reach the screen and work on all devices or just fit your screen resolution, this you will learn how to hand GUI confidently.

After following along this course, you will be able to use this information in any Unity project.

All assets needed for you to follow along with the course are included for free


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