Udemy – Unity Game Development: Object Classes / Undo Redo Systems [100% off]

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Course Description

Learn how to use Object classes inside of Unity while creating a system that we push to the Unity Asset Store. Object classes are important to store a lot of data. They can be used for saving, data management and to create complex systems such as a way to undo and redo actions inside of the Unity project.

Understand How to Create Systems with Object classes.

  • Understand the benefits of Object classes.
  • Learn how to store and call information from an Object class.
  • Learn the steps for publishing an asset

Clean and Optimize Code with the Object Class.

When starting a big project inside of Unity, it is important to have clean code that everyone can read. Using the Object calls helps specify where information is located for other users, saving and loading purposes, and to create a holder for multiple important variables.

Working with Object classes can make a 400 line script to a 100 line script. This optimization can increase workflow, prevent variables from being acidity deleted, and is a great foundation for saving and loading scripts. Your code should always be clean and easy to read. The Object class insures that.

Learn how to develop clean publishable code you can sell in the Unity Asset Store

The course expands knowledge in the Object class. You’ll learn how to develop clean and optimized code that is worthy of publication.

This course takes you from an idea to the creation of a product that can be used in other Unity projects. We go from learning what an Object class is and how to use it, to learning how to use the Object class in our undo and redo system to publication of the product.

You will learn one of the most important features of Object oriented programming.

After following along this course, you will be able to use this information in any Unity project.


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