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2014 has proven to be a year in which more and more people are teaching what they love and learning what they need from the comfort of their own homes. Now it’s 2015 and online courses are still growing on a massive scale.
Being an online course publisher is not rocket science. However, the only hold up for some to start teaching online is the wide range of skills needed to make this happen.
My name is Max and I’ve developed info products for about 5 years, but it was last year in which I started my course publishing career.
Seeing the struggle that some instructors were facing when creating the videos, assembling the course and then selling it, I decided to make things easier for prospect instructors to start their journey and for the already published ones to further polish their online course.
That’s how Udemy Superhero was born.
First we PLAN the outline, then we PRODUCE the content and PUBLISH it on Udemy. The last phase involves PROMOTING your course in a way that maximizes revenue and engagement.
This course will teach you course publishing inside out in a way no one has before:
From how to choose what you can teach and evaluate its long term profitability to how to turn your course in to an actual business by analyzing markets and producing quality and targeted content in a way that fits your budget.
I included essential skills such as:
  • Audio Capturing
  • Noise removal
  • Video editing
  • Screen recording
  • Scripts and sales videos
  • Course images
  • Sales strategies
  • Pitches
  • Engagement
  • Coupon codes
  • List building
  • Analytics
  • Optimization.
So, take this course now and let Udemy Superhero take your skills and passions and turn them into a profitable and professional online course!