Udemy – Udemy Success 3: Udemy Marketing – Branding “You” [100% off]

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Udemy Success 3: Udemy Marketing - Branding

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Udemy Success 3 – Marketing – Branding You, the Instructor

Do you notice that many students buy Instructors’ courses as soon as the new course comes out? And often times, they buy the Instructors’ new courses even before they have a chance to look at their promotional videos? They seem to trust the Instructor so much already!

And sometimes when I look at my dashboard, I see NEW students buying my courses one after another within the span of 5 minutes, isn’t this incredible? It is as if the student suddenly found you: “Eureka!” And the sales on the dashboard continue and continue until all your courses are bought by that same student! I have had that happening to me many times at Udemy.

Why do students do that?

And then you see other instructors struggling and busying themselves with lots of promotion and marketing effort, but people are ‘not biting’. They are not buying their courses. Is this your situation? I am here to help and that’s why I created this course for you!

Here’s the Secret: You need to understand that when it comes to marketing your courses, there are 2 streams: internal marketing & external marketing. Which one do you think is more important? Too many people go right into the ‘external’ marketing without spending enough time to get their ‘internal’ marketing effectively going.

Internal marketing MUST precede external marketing. Once you get internal marketing going, the external marketing is easy to do!

Udemy is a powerful platform for Udemy instructors to do internal marketing. And even in ‘internal marketing’ at Udemy, there is ONE secret tip of marketing that takes FIRST PRIORITY – Branding yourself as a Udemy Instructor!

Tap into this Tip: There are many Udemy instructors in the Udemy platform and you need to ‘stand out’ among the thousands of instructors there. If your name does not even strike any bell in the Udemy platform, even if there are millions of students out there, they are no use to you. They won’t be knocking at your door. This is what I have learned in the past year at Udemy. You must learn to BRAND yourself as an Instructor! That is your top priority in marketing your courses.

People ask me why I am successful. You need to become a 5G Instructor! Learn from my experience as you market your Udemy courses:

1. Brand yourself as a Udemy Instructor.

2. Brand your courses to create Marketing Conversion Funnel!

  • Just think! It is difficult to have one student coming in.
  • Once they come in, magnetize them to buy all your courses!

3. Students are gold. Move to the point to have your students BRANDING you!


In this course, you will learn the following Marketing Tips in Branding Yourself:

A. You – The Instructor

Marketing Tip 1: Let your profile sell

Marketing Tip 2: Title sells also

Marketing Tip 3: Your Face also speaks

Marketing Tip 4: Frame it

Marketing Tip 5: Brand in Different Expertise

Marketing Tip 6: Brand yourself as a 5G Instructor

B. Your Courses – Branding Your Courses for Marketing Conversion Funnel

11. Marketing Tip 7: Marketing Funnel with FREE Courses

12. Marketing Tip 8: Reviews flow

13. Marketing Tip 9: Eureka! I have found you

14. Marketing Tip 10: Marketing Funnel in the Power of Look Alike

15. Marketing Tip 11: Marketing Funnel in the Power of Progressive Learning

16. Marketing Tip 12: Power in the Specifics and not in the General

C. Your Focus – Students are GOLD

17. Marketing Tip 13: Students are your PRIMARY focus!

18. Marketing Tip 14: Give students a unique experience

19. Marketing Tip 15: Students are so willing to write Reviews

20. Marketing Tip 16: Power of Students Engagement – Be Specific

21. Marketing Tip 17: Take a Picture & Post It – More Interesting

22. Marketing Tip 18: Students come out like Magnets

23. Marketing Tip 19: Students like to be Recognized

24. Marketing Tip 20: Bonding with Students

25. Marketing Tip 21: Red Carpet Students – Loyal Followers

26. Marketing Tip 22: Students are not ATM Machines

27. Marketing Tip 23: Aim for the transition – Students start branding you

28. Marketing Tip 24: Power of TRUST – Students go everywhere branding you


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