Udemy – Udemy QUICK Success Guide: How I EARNED $10.000 in 5 MONTHS! [100% off]


Note: Course price will increase to 399 USD by end of March 2015.


Success is not a coincidence! I Earned MORE THAN 10.000 USD in LESS THAN 5 MONTHS in Udemy. You can check my latest revenue report from the first FREE preview available course below.

Up-to-date Revenue By End of February: 15.328 USD

I did NOT invest any money for my recording environment and also for marketing.

I applied a methodological and strategic approach in planning and publishing my courses and proved that my tactics are successful in earning high revenues.

There are many courses on how to make money in Udemy. What differentiates this course is its “QUICK” recipe on how you can earn high revenues in a short period as early as months.

Below are some other facts regarding my success:
  • I earned MORE THAN 10.000 USD in LESS THAN 5 MONTHS in Udemy.
  • More than 6300 students enrolled in my courses
  • 155 Students wrote wonderful reviews for my courses
  • I have been nominated as top instructor for 2014
  • I Published 7 Courses in 5 months.
  • Most of my students enrolled in more than 2 of my courses
  • Only a few number of students claimed refund for my courses
This course includes step-by-step instructions on:
  • How to create your Instructor Profile in an attractive way
  • How to create courses with a little investment on new equipment
  • How to prioritize your courses you will be publishing
  • How to define your course tile, subtitle and course summary page to attain students
  • How to organize sections, lectures and structure of your courses
  • How to determine price of your course with a unique formula
  • How to promote your new course to students in your previous courses
  • How to promote your new course in social media
  • How to motivate new students to write review for your course

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