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Course Description

I already know what you want. You want more students, reviews and sales!

After all, that’s all it takes to become a successful Udemy instructor. Students, reviews and sales. So why then do some people want to make Udemy course marketing seem so complicated?

Note two things regarding my initial statement. First:

  • Students >>> Reviews >>> Sales >>> Students …

This is a more accurate depiction of the relationship between the fundamental elements of Udemy success. In other words, students lead to reviews that lead to sales that lead to even more students… I refer to this as the cyclone effect in which a small breeze can be whipped up into a whirlwind that can lift a car off it’s wheels.

How do you start your own cyclone? By focusing first on students, then reviews, and then sales, in sequence, building an initial breeze into a torrent.

Still with me? I thought you might be…

The second thing to note? Welcome to the course, it’s already begun. I don’t believe in filling my courses with a lot of “extraneous material”. Keeping that in mind, shall we continue…

In this course, I’ll teach you how to get 1,000s of students in days using:

  • Best Black Hat Forum free coupon listings
  • A Lead Magnet (a forever free course)

I’ll even describe the different mix of students you’re after so that you won’t be disappointed in your initial results.

In this course, I’ll show you how to get dozens of reviews in weeks using:

  • Udemy Course Records
  • Udemy Messaging System

Here we’ll use Udemy itself to continue our marketing campaign. We’ll focus on getting reviews fast from our mix of students; after all, reviews lead to increased sales…

In this course, I’ll show you how to make thousands of dollars per month using:

  • Udemy Promotional Announcements (on steroids!)

Again, we’ll use Udemy itself to generate sales and… you’ve got it, more students.

And we’ll do it all without…

B L O G P O S T S… Mailing Lists… CPC Advertising… Kindle Books…

In fact, we’ll do it all with the resources Udemy has provided.

This year I’ve already generated the following statistics (as of September 20, 2015):

  • Total Students: 10,337
  • Total Courses: 16
  • Total Reviews: 333

And check out this increase in revenue:

  • December 2014 Monthly Revenue: $133
  • August 2014 Monthly Revenue: $2,444

So if you’re ready to market your Udemy course like you’ve never marketed before, join me on this voyage of discovery.


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