Udemy – Udemy Course Creation – Easily Create Videos, Audios & PDFs [100% off] Worth $97!

Course Description

For a new Udemy instructor, (or info-product creator) creating your first course can seem like an impossible task, right?
There are so many things to learn, for example:
  • What is the best microphone to use so that Udemy approves of the sound quality?
  • What is the best way to record my screen and create screencast videos, preferably a way that is cost-efficient, not too techie (easy to use) while also giving great video and audio that Udemy will approve?
  • What is the easiest way to record audio for use in my Udemy courses?
  • How can I easily add PDF course elements to my Udemy course so as to add variety of lectures and additional helpful tools for my Udemy students?
  • What would be the best way to record live, “face-to-camera” videos for my Udemy course?
These are all common questions that new Udemy instructors have and all of them are answered (in great detail) in this course.
But creating and publishing your Udemy course does not have to be difficult, painful or exasperating!
I’ve been teaching online for over 15 years and I’ve discovered & developed these amazing, proven ways to create the various course elements you’ll learn to create in this course!
As a result of having these course creation strategies, I’ve published 25 Udemy courses to date!
Not only will you get answers to how to create course elements, but you will be walked, step-by-step, through the actual creation of:
  • Udemy course Screencast Videos (You’ll get a demonstration of the best and most cost efficient way to record your screen – one of the best and easiest ways to product your Udemy courses!)
  • Udemy course Live Videos (You’ll learn about the preferred camera and cost efficient solutions)
  • Udemy course Audios (You’ll see demonstrations of 3 ways to get high-quality audio for your courses)
  • Udemy course PDFs (You’ll get demonstrations of 2 ways you can easily create PDFs for your courses)
You see, although Udemy requires that at least 60% of your course be in video format, (and screencast video is great for this) the Udemy review team also requires that you add in a variety of different lecture formats (such as audio, text, PDF) to your Udemy courses.
That’s what this course will show you how to do – through real-world demos!
It will be as if you are looking over my shoulder, watching me create various course elements, in the simplest, easiest ways possible!
You’ll also learn the most cost effective (cheap!) ways to get your courses created – methods that do NOT sacrifice quality and in fact, methods that have proven to get me 5 star reviews across 25 courses!
Enroll today at no risk and in complete confidence – because your enrollment is covered by Udemy’s 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee!
Discover how to easily create your Udemy course lectures in Screencast video format, webcam video format, audio format or PDF format, today! 

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