Udemy – Turn Your Existing Website Into A Profitable Udemy Course! [100% off]


If you are wondering how to rev-up your old website, then this course is for you. In it you will learn how to turn your existing website into a profitable Udemy course to gain extra income, passively. If you have a popular website already but don’t have a Udemy course on your website’s topic, you’re leaving cash on the table.
I’ll show you the steps I took to create my course from my existing website using my copyrighted content – and how you can do exactly the same with your website(s).
The course is divided into 15 sections, 30+ lectures, and 6 quizzes:
  • Introduction by Susan Gast
  • Choose wisely before you ‘Turn Your Website into a Profitable Udemy Course’
  • What to Share, What to Leave – What to Add?
  • Making Sense of Your T2s and T3s
  • Reminder: Your Site MUST be Educational in Nature!
  • Create NEW Value
  • Setting Up Your Course Outline
  • Getting Organized: It’s A Must!
  • Hardware You’ll Need To Create Your Udemy Courses
  • Software You May Want to Get Prior To Starting
  • Let’s Create Your Udemy Masterpiece Course!
  • Video Showing You My Home Set-Up
  • Close-Up View of my Camtasia Studio™ set-up
  • Navigating the Udemy Platform from a Publisher perspective
  • Thanks for Taking My Course!
If I can do it, YOU can do it… I’ll have you “up and running” in no time flat with your own Udemy course featuring your content-rich website – creating yet another income stream for you! 
So, let’s get going, hit the “take this course” button right now – you’ve got nothing to lose – and your existing website has a lot to gain!
Enroll now at the low introductory price of $29, before midnight (ET) March 31, 2015. The regular price will increase to $47. And believe you me, it’s still a bargain at $47!

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