Udemy – Train the Trainer Bootcamp: 6-Step Framework for Success [100% off] Worth $99 !!


So you think you can train?
If you’re a workplace trainer you know – workplace requirements and industry standards can change as fast as training needs, which makes training for trainers absolutely crucial. There are new methodologies and new discoveries and theories about the way adults learn. We have to manage changing expectations from not only from trainees but also from your company. 
Train the trainer courses give you the practical performance skills and confidence you need to succeed and get more out of your sessions and students. 
This powerful course skilfully weaves adult learning principles and theories with practical strategies for designing and delivering competency-based training programs, and puts the latest trends and techniques at your fingertips. It also includes a wealth of resources for you to download and customise. 
Whether you’re new to workplace training or have been training for a while, this course will show you how to become a navigator, a facilitator of learning, not simply a presenter of information.
You’ll build confidence, improve your training techniques, engage your audience from the beginning, leave your trainees praising your training abilities. and win more training contracts.
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“Jacqueline has consistently encouraged and motivated all students through her natural warmth, charisma and incorporation of specific material and scenarios”. – T.P. (Treuen, DE)
“(She) consistently demonstrated awareness of what clients needed as individuals and what would benefit their organisation.” – D.L. (Zwickau, DE)

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