Udemy – The Web Developer Course For Normal People – Learn By Doing [100% off] Worth $149!!

Latest Update on 1 Dec 2014:
  • The price of this course will be going up in Jan 2015.

Learn Practical & Useful Knowledge You Need To Start Making Websites As A Web Developer.
  • WordPress
  • Integration With Other Softwares/Libraries*
  • HTML
  • CSS*
  • Javascript
  • Build Personal Blog
  • Build Corporate Website
  • Build a Magazine Website
*Key Skills You Need To Make Websites Amazing

What Makes This Course Great?
Besides teaching you how to code, this course also show you exactly how you can build a variety of websites through practical examples. This course is structured in such a way that you get to learn and apply coding at the same time.

Remember how you felt discouraged and gave up when learning just coding?
That’s probably because when you are bombarded with coding concepts, you were not given the chance to know exactly how the codes work and could be useful for a real website. By going through this course lecture by lecture, you will get to experience how exactly each codes that you learnt will be used on a real website.

Secret Tips & Tricks
Learn how I always manage to develop amazing websites in an incredible short amount of time by using my web development workflow with many useful resources along the way.

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