Udemy – The Ugly Truth About Twitter Music Marketing [100% off]

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The Ugly Truth About Twitter Music Marketing

Course Description

How To Promote Your Music On Twitter?

This course is all about selecting your followers because you want only potential buyers to follow you. Having thousands of followers doesn’t mean anything if they are not engaged and if these followers are all about metal and you present Hip-hop!

Results: I collected more than 8000 highly-targeted followers on my 3 Music profiles in 4 Months. These are real people who are likely to listen and buy my music.

You may say that it’s easy to get followers, with 5 bucks i can have a bunch of followers, TRUE but how many of them will be interested into your voice, your writing, your music?

No spamming or buying cheap followers

The course is easy to follow and shows you many ways to get new fans. Once you get the followers you will learn how to convert them into leads

Why Twitter?

  • Getting lots of active followers is what makes your band important to the eyes of music industry (If you want to get noticed by aRecord Label for example)
  • Consistently bring in music lovers every month to your account
  • Getting fans who can spread the world about your message
  • Prep your tour with your fans
  • Convert Followers into fans
  • Promote your merch and music

The course include almost 2 hours of video and some PDF. I am also available to answer any questions in the chat in the course.

In a word, if you are struggling to grow your followers and if you want to convert your followers into fans, then this course is yours.


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