Udemy – The Truth About Forex: Forex Brokers and why you will lose! [90% off]

The Truth About Forex: Forex Brokers and why you will lose!


UPDATE 18th September 2014: The course is now around 1 and half hours and more than 500 students have learned the tricks Forex Brokers will use to get your money and stop you from winning in Forex Trading!

Sign up NOW and see why you should never trader Forex and save yourself thousands of dollars! Remember that this course is covered by the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee from Udemy!
This course is not for everyone! This course is for people who want to know how Forex Brokers work against their client’s best interests. The course will reveal how Forex Brokers operate and expose the different ways in which that can harm you. While I will not get into the very basics of explaining what is a pip and what is a currency pair, most of the content is critical for Forex Traders and applicable to newbies and experts alike.
– Learn why there are so many Brokers out there and why they are all the same.
– Learn what Forex Brokers do to make you lose money even if you have a profitable strategy
– Learn all the tricks Forex Brokers will employ to get your deposit and make sure you lose it
– Understand why it is unlikely that you will be able to trade for a living 

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