Udemy – The Posture Program [100% off] Worth $129!

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Course Description

The Posture Program is a 18-part video series that will teach you new habits, stretches, and exercises to improve your posture, making you look better instantly AND help to reduce or eliminate back and neck pain!

These short, easy to follow videos will teach you WHY your back hurts…and what to do about it!

One hour in the gym or yoga class can’t repair 23 hours of bad habits the rest of the day…fix them quickly with The Posture Program.

The Posture Program is designed to combat the epidemic of poor posture in people who sit a lot (most people in the modern world!). In addition to the common challenges of back and shoulder pain, poor posture can also cause hormonal imbalance, weight gain and mood shifts. The Posture Program offers tips and stretches that can improve your posture, reduce or eliminate back pain and lift your mood–often instantly!

Imagine a few simple stretches and easy exercises could help you:

– Eliminate sore shoulders interfering with work

-Look younger and more vital

– Have more energy and sparkle

– Restore flexibility and strength to do exercises that used to be difficult or impossible

-Put an end to headaches from shoulder and neck tension

-Appear leaner and lighter

Poor posture isn’t your fault! Everyone in the modern world has it, because of our culture…but you don’t have to succumb to the epidemic, you have a cure.

The Posture Program won’t make you do hours of work a day…most of the adjustments will immediately bring relief to you as you sit at your desk or in the car.

Stretches don’t have to be done an hour at a time…they’re easy to do for a minute at your desk, and you will feel better and more alert right away! My clients report that their productivity increases when they use the program, because they aren’t in pain and stressed out.


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