Udemy – The Magic Circle: Circle of 5ths Secret Tips Fully Revealed [100% off] Worth $249

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The Circle of 5ths is a fascinating music tool for students studying piano, guitar, ukulele … and as a matter of fact, all instruments studies!
  • Have you ever wondered what the letters mean?
  • Do you know how to make the Circle of 5ths come alive for you?
  • What is the difference between Circle of 5ths & Circle of 4ths?
  • How about learning a simple formula to find all the scale tones of all 12 Keys!
  • Use my trick to quickly identify the sharps & keys of 12 keys w/o calculation!
  • Learn to know the Circle of 5ths like reading the time on the clock!
  • Learn the 2 Circles Trick to find Chords I, IV, V7 of all 12 Keys!
  • Learn a visual concept to find out the 7 diatonic chords of all 12 Keys!
  • Learn all 5 Secondary Dominant Chords of all 12 Keys!
  • Learn the great value of 6 Dominant Chords in a song!
  • Quick way to see all the 12 Important Chords to harmonize any songs!
  • Follow simple formulas to play by ear using the Circle of 5ths to guide you.
  • You will learn many of the chord progressions of popular / standard songs
  • You will eventually learn to write your own songs using the Circle in any Key you wish.

Here’s the Secret: Turn the Static Circle of 5ths into a Dynamic Moving Circle. When you watch your circles move, you know exactly what I am talking about!
Learn how to let the 12 tones interact with each so that they can dance together and run harmoniously.
Learn all my Magic Circle Tips (from my 35 years of music journey) so that you can make full use of the Circle regarding music harmony in the next 5 HOURS.
In this course, I will even show you how to make a DIY Circle of 5ths so that you can use this musical tool to practice all your piano techniques.
This is a Comprehensive Course coverimg Music Harmony – Basic to Advanced!
Even Advanced Music is made EZ for you to understand in the presentation!
You are going to see PATTERNS & Music Harmony in ONE FLASH!

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