Udemy – The Law Of Attraction’s Missing Instructions [100% off]

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The Law Of Attraction's Missing Instructions

Course Description

If you’ve read or seen “The Secret” but haven’t had much luck with the law of attraction, this is the course for you.

“The Law Of Attraction’s Missing Instructions” is taught by a one-time skeptic whose background is a trained psychotherapist!

Although helping others fix their lives, his own was – back in the early 1990’s – falling apart.  It was then that he was introduced to the law of attraction and later trained to teach it by the late Gill Edwards (“Living Magically.”)

Your tutor, Trevor Emdon, who teaches the course entirely on video, discovered that by blending some very simple yet powerful ideas from the world of psychotherapy, (NLP in particular), with the law of attraction, he could produce amazing and rapid results.

His life has been peppered with miraculous events ever since.  He proposed to his gorgeous wife on the day they met – and they’ve been living “happily ever after” since 2008.

Once, the Mercedes he’d dreamed of and all the cash he needed to buy it showed up on the same day.  Another time, around $1000 extra “Christmas money” materialised one late November afternoon when he’d only “intended” for it that very morning … and countless other minor miracles too numerous to mention.

You will be shown how to use and blend these very same ideas so that you too can take charge of your life, enjoy the journey and have more certainty about your ultimate destiny than ever before.

No special tools or knowledge are required other than an open mind and a willingness to grow and change your life for the better forever.


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