Udemy – WordPress Websites 101: Design, Build & Monetize [100% off] Worth $99

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I am not a professional web designer. I don’t know a lick of coding . . . no css, html, java script, python, cobra, php, pcp, or naacp. I don’t know any of it!
What I am is an entrepreneur, a coach, a consultant, and a communicator. When I launched my career eleven years ago I knew that having a viable web presence was going to be an essential component of my success. But I didn’t have the funds to hire a professional to build me one. So I learned how to build them myself!
I’ve concluded, after having spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars working with hundreds of templates across multiple platforms, that anyone can build a beautiful website using wordpress.
I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned in those thousands of hours and with those thousands of dollars and boiled it down to a process that you can learn in less two hours; that’s what you’re getting if you sign up for this course.
What I’ve learned (and what I share in this course) can be boiled down to four questions:
1. What hosting solution shall I use and how shall I set it up?
2. What template shall I use and how shall I build it out?
3. What graphics shall I use and how shall I create them?
4. What plugins/widgets shall I use, and how shall I install them?
You don’t need to have any prior experience or knowledge in web or graphics design. All you have to do is follow my lead and I’ll give you the ghetto guide to web design!
Launch your blog. Start your business. Present your portfolio. Promote your industry. Claiming your piece of the world wide web has never been easier than it is right now!

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