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The Forex Complete Trading Course Learn Forex Worldwide
With over 5 hours of direct instruction on DVD you have the opportunity to experience Forex daily professional training . A method that I started with near 12 years ago & ALSO TILL TIME YOUR DVD REACHES YOU YOU ALSO GET ACCESS VIA ONLINE DOWNLOAD IN MEMBERS AREA,
You’re going to have the rare opportunity to become one of them.
Yep… that’s right…
You’ll have a front-row seat as this unassuming “every man” lays bare his arsenal of profit-powered trading strategies… every single one of which can be expertly wielded by the most bumbling trader.

Week 1
Lesson 1 (Video 1)How To Open A Demo And A Live Forex Account
Lesson 2 (Video 2)How to add indicators to your charts
Lesson 3 (Video 3)How to add indicators to your charts
Lesson 4 (Video 4)Understanding what all the buttons mean at the top of your trading station .

Week 2
Lesson 1 (Video 5)Understanding what the little icons mean.
Lesson 2 (Video 6)Understanding how to use the Market Watch Window.
Lesson 3 (Video 7)Understanding how to use the Terminal.
Lesson 4 (Video 8) Understanding How to use MT4 Templates and Create your own.

Week 3
Lesson 1 (Video 9)Understanding how to use the Options section
Lesson 2 (Video 10)Understanding how to use the Broker Data.
Lesson 3 (Video 11)Understanding how to use different time frames.
Lesson 4 (Video 12) Understanding what Leverage is. In this video I go over the options of using Levera

Week 4
Lesson 1 (Video 13)Understanding the basic concepts of Money and Risk Management.
Lesson 2 (Video 14)Understanding how to project your earnings.
Lesson 3 (Video 15)Understanding which times of the day to trade.
Lesson 4 (Video 16) Just a heads up to be cautious on Forex Forums.

Week 5
Lesson 1 (Video 17)how to apply indicators to the charts and how to locate buy and sell opportunities.
Lesson 2 (Video 18)Using the Accelerator Oscillator Indicator.
Lesson 3 (Video 19)Using the Accumulation Distribution Indicator.Developed by Marc Chaikin
Lesson 4 (Video 20)Using the Alligator Indicator.

Week 6
Lesson 1 (Video 21)ADX – Average Movement Directional Movement Index. The Average Directional Index (ADX), Minus Directional Indicator (-DI) and Plus Directional Indicator (+DI) represent a group of directional movement indicators that form a trading system developed by Welles Wilder.
Lesson 2 (Video 22)Awesome Oscillator;
Lesson 3 (Video 23)Using the Bears Power and Bulls Power Indicator.

Week 7
Lesson 1 (Video 24)Using the Bollinger Bands Indicator.

Bollinger Bands are a technical trading tool created by John Bollinger in the early 1980s.

Lesson 2 (Video 25)Using the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Indicator.
Lesson 3 (Video 26)Using the Demarker Indicator.

Week 8
Lesson 1 (Video 27)Using the Envelopes Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 28)Using the Fractals Indicator. The Fractals indicator is a pretty good one to use

Week 9
Lesson 1 (Video 29)Ichimoku Kinko Hyo; a very complicated indicator to use
Lesson 2 (Video 30)Using the Moving Average Convergence Divergence Indicator.
Lesson 3 (Video 31)The Momentum indicator is another indicator that you can use to find overbought and oversold levels, and you can use line studies for breakouts.

Week 10
Lesson 1 (Video 32)Using the Money Flow Index (MFI) Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 33)Moving Averages; the moving averages is a lagging indicator some people tend to use it to find which direction the trend is going in

Week 11
Lesson 1 (Video 34)Moving Average of Oscillator; osma as it’s better known is similar to the moving average divergence convergence indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 35)Parabolic SAR;

Week 12
Lesson 1 (Video 36)Relative Strength Index (RSI);
Lesson 2 (Video 37)Stochastic Oscillator;
Lesson 3 (Video 38) This video discusses a few of the indicators that we haven’t discussed yet.

Week 13
Lesson 1 (Video 39)Strategy 1: Accelerator Oscillator and Accumulation Distribution Indicators.
Lesson 2 (Video 40)Strategy 2: Accelerator Oscillator & Alligator Indicator.
Lesson 3 (Video 41)Strategy 3: Accelerator Oscillator & ADX Indicator.

Week 14
Lesson 1 (Video 42)
Lesson 2 (Video 43)

Week 15
Lesson 1 (Video 44)Strategy 4: Accelerator Oscillator & Bollinger Bands Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 45)Accelerator Oscillator & Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Indicator.
Lesson 3 (Video 46)Accelerator Oscillator & DeMarker Indicator.

Week 16
Lesson 1 (Video 47)Strategy 7: Accelerator Oscillator & Envelopes Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 48)trategy 8: Accelerator Oscillator & Fractals Indicator.
Lesson 3 (Video 49)Strategy 9: Accelerator Oscillator & Ichimoku Indicator.

Week 17
Lesson 1 (Video 50)Strategy 10: Accelerator Oscillator & MACD Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 51)Strategy 11: Accelerator Oscillator & MFI Indicator.
Lesson 3 (Video 52)trategy 12: Accelerator Oscillator & Moving Averages Indicator.

Week 18
Lesson 1 (Video 53)Strategy 13: Accelerator Oscillator & OsMa Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 54)Strategy 14: Accelerator Oscillator & RSI Indicator.

Week 19
Lesson 1 (Video 55)Strategy 15: Accelerator Oscillator & Stochastic Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 56)Strategy 16: ADX & Alligator Indicator.
Lesson 3 (Video 57)Strategy 17: ADX & Awesome Oscillator Indicator.

Week 20
Lesson 1 (Video 58)Strategy 18: ADX & Bollinger Bands Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 59)Strategy 19: ADX & Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Indicator.

Week 21
Lesson 1 (Video 60)Strategy 20: ADX & Envelopes Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 61)Strategy 21: ADX & Fractals Indicator.

Week 22
Lesson 1 (Video 62)Strategy 22: ADX & Ichimoku Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 63)Strategy 23: ADX & MFI Indicator.
Lesson 3 (Video 64)Strategy 24: ADX & Moving Averages Indicator.

Week 23
Lesson 1 (Video 65)Strategy 25: ADX & RSI Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 66)Strategy 26: ADX & Stochastic Indicator.

Week 24
Lesson 1 (Video 67)Strategy 27: Imacd & Accelerator Oscillator Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 68)Strategy 28: Imacd & ADX Indicator.
Lesson 3 (Video 69)Strategy 29: Imacd & Awesome Oscillator Indicator.

Week 25
Lesson 1 (Video 70)Strategy 30: Imacd & Bollinger Bands Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 71)Strategy 31: Imacd & CCI Indicator.

Week 26
Lesson 1 (Video 72)Strategy 32: Imacd & DeMarker Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 73)Strategy 33: Imacd & Envelopes Indicator.

Week 27
Lesson 1 (Video 74)Strategy 34: Imacd & Ichimuko Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 75)Strategy 35: Imacd & MFI Indicator.

Week 28
Lesson 1 (Video 76)Strategy 36: Imacd & Moving Averages Indicator.
Lesson 2 (Video 77)Strategy 37: Imacd & RSI Indicator.
Lesson 3 (Video 78)Strategy 38: Imacd & Stochastic Indicator.
Lesson 4 (Video 79) Take note of the weaker points you have discovered, and see how you can manage / recognise how to correct it. If you can identify where the problem lies within you, the better of a trader you become.

Week 29
Lesson 1 (Video 80) trade naked, as its better known. No indicators at all.

Just Candlestick Patterns ONLY!
Lesson 2 (Video 81)Basic Candle Formation.
Lesson 3 (Video 82)No Real Body Candles

Week 30
Lesson 1 (Video 83)Mar
ubozu and Close Cut Formations
Lesson 2 (Video 84)Bullish Abandoned Baby.

Week 31
Lesson 1 (Video 85)Bullish Piercing Line
Lesson 2 (Video 86)Bullish Morning Star.

Week 32
Lesson 1 (Video 87)Bullish Three Inside Up.
Lesson 2 (Video 88)Bullish Three Outside Up.

Week 33
Lesson 1 (Video 89)Bullish White Soldiers.
Lesson 2 (Video 90)Bullish Upside Tasuki Gap.

Week 34
Lesson 1 (Video 91)Bullish Rising Three Methods.
Lesson 2 (Video 92)Bullish Mat Hold.

Week 35
Lesson 1 (Video 93)Bullish Englufing.
Lesson 2 (Video 94)Bullish Three Line Strike.

Week 36
Lesson 1 (Video 95)Bullish Breakaway.
Lesson 2 (Video 96)Bullish Thrusting line.

Week 37
Lesson 1 (Video 97)Bullish Harami.
Lesson 2 (Video 98)Bearish Abandoned Baby.

Week 38
Lesson 1 (Video 99)Bearish Dark Cloud Cover.
Lesson 2 (Video 100)Bearish Three Inside Up.

Week 39
Lesson 1 (Video 101)Bearish Evening Star
Lesson 2 (Video 102)Bearish Three Outside Down
Week 40
Lesson 1 (Video 103)Bearish Three Black Crows
Lesson 2 (Video 104)Bearish Downside Tasuki Gap
Lesson 3 (Video 105)Bearish Falling Three Methods

Week 41
Lesson 1 (Video 106)Bearish Advanced Block
Lesson 2 (Video 107)Bearish Mat Hold

Week 42
Lesson 1 (Video 108)Bearish Three Line Strike.
Lesson 2 (Video 109)Bearish Breakaway

Week 43
Lesson 1 (Video 110)Bearish Englufing
Lesson 2 (Video 111)Bearish Thrusting Line

Week 44
Lesson 1 (Video 112)Bearish Harami
Lesson 2 (Video 113)
Inverted Hammer & Hammers
Lesson 3 (Video 114)Shooting Stars and Hanging Man
Lesson 4 (Video 115) Think of Trading the Forex like putting together a big jigsaw puzzle, the more pieces you put together, the brigther the picture will be.

Week 45
Lesson 1 (Video 116)some more technical analysis, but this time we’re not going to use Candle patterns to get market sentiment, and we’re not going to use any indicators, per say.

Instead we’re going to be using line tools.
Lesson 2 (Video 117)Double TopsTriple TopsDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
Lesson 3 (Video 118)Head & Shoulder Tops & Bottoms.

Week 46
Lesson 1 (Video 119)Rising & Falling Wedges.
Lesson 2 (Video 120)Rounding Tops & Bottoms.

Week 47
Lesson 1 (Video 121)Bump & Run.
Lesson 2 (Video 122)Flag Pole & Pennant.How often have you got in a trade, all went well, you scoop up about 80-100 pips, then you decide to close the trade off and the market continued to go in its direction you were in?

Annoying right?

Incorporate this into your trading and you’ll discover some continuation formations

Week 48
Lesson 1 (Video 123)Symmetrical Triangle.These are typically used for breakout entry points.
Lesson 2 (Video 124)Acending & Decending Triangles
Lesson 3 (Video 125)Rectangle Continuation.

Week 49
Lesson 1 (Video 126)Price Channel.
Lesson 2 (Video 127)Fibonacci Retracement Tool.

Week 50
Lesson 1 (Video 128)Fibonacci Expansion Tool.
Lesson 2 (Video 129)Fibonacci Fan Tool.

Week 51
Lesson 1 (Video 130)Fibonacci Arc Tool.
Lesson 2 (Video 131)Fibonacci Time Zone Tool.

Week 52
Lesson 1 (Video 132)Fibonacci Channels and Other Channels.
Lesson 2 (Video 133)Pivot High and Pivot Lows.
Lesson 3 (Video 134)Multiple Pivot Line.

Week 53
Lesson 1 (Video 135)Understanding High’s and Low’s.
Lesson 2 (Video 136)Median Line. Locating reversal points.
Lesson 3 (Video 137)Andrews Pitchfork and Schiff.

Week 54
Lesson 1 (Video 138)rigger Lines. A neat strategy to find breakout points that are reliable.
Lesson 2 (Video 139)Warning Lines.

Warning lines can act as a temporary point of reversal, or used as a breakout.

Week 55
Lesson 1 (Video 140)Expansion Swings.

A nice earner if you can master it.
Lesson 2 (Video 141)Action Reaction Method 1.

A neat strategy you can use to find accurate turning points.

Week 56
Lesson 1 (Video 142)Action Reaction Method 2.
Lesson 2 (Video 143)Elliot Wave Analysis.

Week 57
Lesson 1 (Video 144)Advanced Twin Peaks Method
Lesson 2 (Video 145) Price Projection Strategy.

Week 58
Q&A Video 1 (Video 146)
Q&A Video 2 (Video 147)

Week 59
Q&A Video 3 (Video 148)
Q&A Video 4 (Video 149)

Week 60
Live Trading Webinar 1 (Video 150)
Live Trading Webinar 2 (Video 151)
Week 61
Live Trading Webinar 3 (Video 152)
Live Trading Webinar 4 part 1 (Video 153)
Live Trading Webinar 4 part 2 (Video 154)
Live Trading Webinar 4 part 3 (Video 155)
Week 62
Live Trading Webinar 5 (Video 156)

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