Udemy – The Diary of a Wimpy Sales Guy [100% off] Worth $297 !!


Straight talk about the reality of sales. – It’s not just you.
Discover How to Get Out of Your Own Way! 
Real Word – Time Tested – Proven Results
Have you ever been caught in the Catch -22 of needing to make sales but unable to do the things that need to be done? 
It Gets Worse!
Not only do you need to make sales and unable to force yourself to get started… Now you feel guilty about not doing the things you know you need to do! 
The guilt, anger, frustration and fear that builds up… It just shouldn’t be this hard!
In the past 15 years I’ve shared The Diary of a Wimpy Sales Guy with live audiences and in 1-on-1 conversations. People all over say the same thing… 
“It sounded like you were describing me!”
The point is everybody knows about this stuff BUT no one talks about it.
We will be coaching to 5 specific mistakes that I made during my first 10 years in sales…
Mistakes that were made over and over again creating the exact situation I was trying to avoid. 
If you have ever felt uncomfortable with the idea of sales, making a presentation or simply asking someone if they would like to buy what you offer…
Discover the difference that makes the difference. Learn how to take all the pressure off yourself and start defining realty. 
What separate professionals from everyone else is the willingness to look at ideas, maybe in a different way and the ability to take action.

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