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Course Description

The Definitive Guide to Finding A Job Online

Trying to find job online but don’t know where to begin? While you know very well that finding a job online is the best way to go about your search, the sheer thought of where to start can be overwhelming!

Finding a job online resources are abundant, not to mention time consuming, and if you don’t know the best ways to go about this, you can find yourself feeling very frustrated.

Welcome to The Definitive Guide to Finding a Job Online. This 3 hour video course will help you through the process of finding a job online using the most popular resources available on the web. Whether you’re looking for a corporate route or freelancer pathway this course will take you by the hand so you can land the perfect job you’ve been waiting for.

The Definitive Guide to Finding a Job Online will also help you define your objectives, prepare your resume and cover letter so you have all the tools ready to submit your job application. We give you lots of handy tips along the way.

Here’s a breakdown of what you will get in this course:

Part 1 – Introduction/Overview

1.1 Welcome to “The Definitive Guide to Finding a Job Online”

1.1.2 Course Outline

Part 2 – Popular Websites for Job Hunting
2.1 LinkedIn (Overview)
2.1.1 Setting Up Your Account
2.1.2 Networking on LinkedIn
2.1.3 Finding Jobs on LinkedIn
2.2 Freelancer and Odesk (Overview)
2.2.1 Setting Up Your Account
2.2.2 Getting Projects

2.3 Fiverr (Overview)
2.3.1 Setting Up Your Account
2.3.2 Creating a gig via Fiverr

2.4 Twitter (Overview)

2.5 Glassdoor (Overview)

2.6 Monster (Overview)

2.7 Indeed (Overview)

2.8 Simply Hired (Overview)

2.9 CareerBuilder (Overview)

2.10 Craigslist (Overview)

Part 3: Finding Jobs (Other)

3.1- Finding a job through recruiters
3.2- Using Google Search Engine to find jobs

Part 4: Resume & Cover Letter

4.1 Creating an effective resume
4.2 How to write persuasive cover letter
4.3 Sample Cover Letter

Part 5: Preparing for your Interview

5.1 Most common interview questions

Part 6: Conclusion

6.1- Recap Services/Lessons

Finding a job online can be a daunting task. Often you can be using the wrong resources which can cause frustration. Finding a job online is not supposed to be a job!

This 3 hour course is jam-packed with valuable information that will help you through the process of Finding a Job Online!