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The Complete SEO Course 2016: Find Profitable Keywords

Course Description

If you want to drive more sales through your website, your top priority should be getting more targeted traffic.  Search engine traffic is undeniably the most targeted traffic you can get.  After all, where else can you find a steady stream of people who are looking for your products and services.

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your site to the top of Google’s rankings.  But gaining a high ranking is useless unless you are targeting the right keywords.  Pick the wrong keywords, and you could:

1: Get very little traffic

2: Get traffic that doesn’t convert

3: Spend too much time fighting fierce competition

In this course, I show you how to find keywords that:

1: Are highly valuable – sending laser targeted visitors who convert

2: Are popular, leading to high volume free traffic

3: Are easy to rank

So, the whole point of this course is to teach you how to find the right keywords for your business.  Along the way, I’ll show you how to tap into hidden markets and niches that your competitors are unaware of.  You’ll learn to understand the thought process that drives search (and how to use that knowledge to increase your sales).  And you’ll learn to spot how certain keywords can be much more profitable than others (even if they have a relatively low search volume).

The course contains just over 50 lessons, and can be broadly broken down into 4 parts.

The first section deals with niche research.  In particular, you will learn what a niche is, and how to identify one.  I often see Internet marketers who confuse the concept of a niche with “a collection of keywords”, or some other similar concept.  In reality, a niche is much more than that – such a limiting concept can prevent an SEO marketer from realizing the full range of opportunities in the marketplace.

Finding niches can be difficult without specialized market knowledge.  But I’m going to share a number of resources that allow you to zoom into the most profitable niches even if you’re completely new to the subject.

The next section shows you how to identify keywords and search phrases in your niche.  Once again, this is an area where a lot of marketers fall down.  They tend to rely on the same set of tools, which means they miss the best keywords, and they end up fighting over the same limited set of search terms.  And that means they work much harder for a smaller return. Their loss is about to become your gain.

I’m going to show you how to tap into a virtually unlimited source of real-life keywords for every niche known to man.  It’s like learning to see in color for the first time – I’m about to show you a rich vista of keywords that you would never have suspected were there, using simple tools.

The third section talks about keyword value.  And this is possibly the most misunderstood topic of all.  You see, many marketers chase traffic volumes without stopping to think about how much the traffic will be worth.

I guess it’s easy to make that mistake on the Internet, where traffic is reduced to a faceless set of figures.  But in the bricks and mortar world, it’s much easier to see that some people are ideal prospects, and others are a disaster waiting to happen.  Well, the same thing is true in the online world.

I’m going to show you the data you can use to identify which keywords will drive highly motivated customers, and which ones will send time wasters.  What’s more, I’ll teach you how to understand the customer psychology behind the keyword, so you can customize your on-page copy for the highest conversion.

In the fourth section, we take a serious look at the competition.  Again, this is an area where the “accepted wisdom” can lead you astray.  All too many marketers think that the goal is to avoid any sign of competition.  Instead, they chase after the scraps and leftovers.

Instead of teaching you how to be a “bottom feeder”, I’m going to show you how to take on tough keywords and beat the established sites.  In particular, I’m going to show you how to recognize the signs of weakness in the competition.  These are the weaknesses that you’ll learn how to exploit, so you can steal the rankings and traffic from the top sites in your field.

There are times when the competition is really too tough for a certain keyword.  I’ll show you how to recognize that situation, and pick the fights that you know you can win.  But even when the competition looks invincible, there can often be hidden weaknesses that can give you an edge.  So I’ll show you how to recognize when your competitors are actually weaker than they appear. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to take on entrenched sites that other marketers avoid.  And you’ll be able to win.

Enroll today and build a solid foundation for your SEO success.


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