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Discover How To Integrate Internet Marketing, Social Media and Classical Advertising For Proven Business Growth.
Over 98 lectures and 17.5 hrs of training. 11 Part Webinar Series ~ Includes MP3’s, Transcripts & More …
McMaster University hired me as an adjunct professor to teach elements of this program to their graduate students in 2011. You get access to ALL OF IT for a fraction of what they paid me to teach it. Risk Free & Guaranteed.
Back in the Spring of 2009 I developed, sold and delivered one of my most audacious training programs to date. It was a private, members-only 11 week program with personal weekly webinars, email support, private coaching and more.
Back then, a single membership cost $1,191.00 and frankly that price put it beyond most people’s budget. High price aside, the BFM Program (as it was known then) was a great success, and because of the way I developed the course, the advice contained within those 11 modules is still valid and relevant today. 
Here’s an example of what I cover in a few of the webinars:
  • How to effectively research your vertical or niche market online
  • How to select key search terms that will drive highly targeted traffic to your website
  • How to increase search engine traffic based on effective keyword density
  • How to increase search engine traffic based on link popularity
  • How to implement the 7 key strategies of effective copywriting
  • How to convert visitors into leads and sales
  • How to build a huge targeted mailing list of potential customers
  • How to effectively and effortlessly manage your lists and communicate with your customers
I also recommend top seo tools, websites, forums and blogs and cover topics including: 
Blog & Forum Marketing
Blog marketing and forum marketing are excellent tools to drive loads of traffic to your site and create buzz that can last for years. This lesson will show you how to identify the right forums and how to promote your site on them without violating any forum rules. In addition, this lesson will show you how to recruit others who will do all the posting and blogging for you. 
Video Marketing
Video marketing is making a massive inroads into online marketing. With YouTube getting traffic to rival major search portals you need to understand how to use video, what formats work best, the sites to avoid and more. And surprisingly, you probably have the tools you need to make a video that will go viral and get you tonnes of traffic. We will cover this and more. 
SEO/SEM tactics and strategies
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of tweaking a site using both on-site as well as off-site optimization methodologies so that the site comes up higher in the natural (organic) search results of major search engines. This lesson on search engine optimization and link building will show you exactly how to implement both on-site and off-site optimization methodologies so that you can start achieving free hits from the natural search results of the major search engines. Best of all everything can be done at no cost to the marketer. 
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing has grown exponentially over the years. Imagine having an army of affiliates selling your good and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! What’s more, they are working for you and want to be paid only when they get you an actual sale. Who can ask for more. This lesson will cover affiliate marketing from the perspective of both the advertiser and publisher. Advertisers will learn everything from affiliate program implementation to affiliate recruitment and promotion. This lesson includes extensive information on landing super affiliates. Publishers will learn which programs pay the best and how to drive loads of traffic to their websites. 
Social Network Marketing
If you ask every other person you meet if they have a Twitter or Facebook account, you will get a very clear picture of the sheer volume of people that are actually on those 2 gigantic sites. However, the real trick is marketing your products & services on social networking sites and creating tons of buzz and goodwill for your site. This lesson will show you step-by-step on exactly how to promote your products & services and get tons of traffic using social network marketing. 
Pay Per Click Marketing
This lesson will show you how to take advantage of the key players when it comes to PPC marketing It will show you how to select key phrases and how to optimize sites so you are stretching your ROI as far as it can be stretched. This lesson will discuss split testing and what tools work best for specialized targeting. 
Email Marketing
Email marketing works. In some instances if the list is a carefully targeted list and the product is well priced, email marketers have achieved as high as 11% conversion rates. However, there are lots of pitfalls when it comes to E-mail marketing as you do not want to get into the world of spam. This lesson will show you where to find targeted email lists, how to send and track your email marketing campaign, and how to drive up your conversion rate. What tools to use and more. 
PR & News Media Marketing
Writing a good press release can get you all kinds of media coverage and links if it is written right and if you are using the right PR distribution services. This lesson will show you how to write optimized press releases and how to distribute them, not just using PR distribution services, but actually reaching out to editors and reviewers that can give you a huge boost of PR and loads of traffic. 
Websites That Sell
This lesson will explain in detail how to design and test websites so that you can achieve the highest conversion rate possible. Many people are under the false impression that having a website means people will automatically buy from them. In essence they prescribe to the false school of thought that assumes if you build it they will come. That is simply not the case. Building or re-building a website takes proper planning and testing and this lesson will show you exactly what you need to do to make your site successful. 
I fondly referred to the entire BFM Program as my ‘magnum opus’ or great work for good reason. If you watched the entire webinar series at once, it would require 14 hours and 40 minutes to view!
Add to that the transcripts from all 11 webinars and you have a 275 page reference tome for those who prefer reading rather than watching. And finally there are the audio MP3’s (also 14h 40m) which are perfect if you would rather listen in the car or while working out, gardening, walking etc…
What’s the required skill level? — If you can email, surf the web, fill in simple forms and can navigate around your computer to find files… you’ve got the bases covered. No rocket science degree required! 
Do I require special equipment? — No, you’ve likely got all you need to begin with. If you’re reading this then you’ve got what you need. 
Will I cover getting traffic to websites? — YES. A website without visitors is like a retail store without walk-in customers… Kind of important we cover that huh? 😉 
Will I cover affiliate marketing and making money with other peoples products? — YES. I’ll also show you how to ensure you get paid, how to track the activity and how to pick the winners from the losers. 
Will I cover setting up Google Pay-Per-Click and Search Marketing? — YES. I’ll cover best practices for SEO and SEM. I’ll show you how to think about this properly so you can save money and outsmart the competition. 
Will I show you how to design and plan online marketing campaign? — Yes, and more. I’ll show you how to future-proof your plan and cover metrics, ROI, measurement techniques too. The “battle” is won not on the field, but in the planning room… The same applies here. 
Does this program work for businesses of any size? — Absolutely! It works really well for small businesses because money isn’t the major factor in your success. Right action is. 
Will I cover websites, blogs and more? — Of course, the internet is made up of “websites” of many shapes and sizes. You’ll need to know how to identify them and their value, and more importantly I’ll show you how to get optimized websites connected and set up faster than you’d imagine. 
Will implementing this system require extra staff or hours of extra work? Can I do this easily? Is this automatable? — Again, absolutely. The heart of this system was designed so one person could operate it easily with minimal effort. In all but a few special cases, the system requires you only do the work once and then technology does the heavy lifting. I call this the ‘domino effect’ – the official business term is leverage 🙂 
Will you show me how to persuade people to buy from my site? How do I make my online business inviting, different and effective? — All great questions and ones that I’ll be covering throughout the program. As a certified NLP I’ll be sharing more of the “super sneaky” psychology of persuasion and sales. [Note: I’ve NEVER shared this material before!] 
So how much does this cost?
The current price is listed above … and it’s fully guaranteed.
Get instant access to all 11 webinars (including the MP3’s and the 275 pages of transcript) simply by registering.
You may recall the original program cost $1,191 and was beyond many budgets. Previously I’ve sold this information for between $300 and $500 in different combinations, but if you act now you can get access for a lot less. 
I am not going to to try and “encourage” you by suggesting supplies are limited – they’re not, the product is digital. I am simply going to say that I know this material is worth far more than the list price above and will likely increase the price in the near future. 
Remember your satisfaction is guaranteed.
PS. If you’re wondering whether a course originally developed in 2009 is still relevant, the answer is YES. But don’t take my word for it. Enrol today and see for yourself. Watch the video lectures, download the resources. Listen to the MP3’s. 

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