Udemy – The Complete Innovator Guide to Spark Creative Thinking [100% off] Worth $99 !!


It is well known that innovation is the growing engine for many successful companies around the globe, fueling the economy growth. Now, zooming to the individual level, companies are looking for such “creative leaders”. Learning to be more creative and contribute ideas is becoming an important skill in many industry domains. 
Creative attitude in our career can help us to get ahead, stand out from the crowd, capturing more opportunities along the way and adapt faster to ongoing changes around us. Becoming more proactive creative person will probably lead us to much more enjoyable and fulfilling life’s journey whether you are a teacher, high-tech engineer, programmer, business man/women, doctor, college student and more. 
In each and every one of us, the spark of creative mind is waiting to be discovered. We will learn how to become more creative and proactive innovative person. The course will cover the needed step by step holistic framework for such important personal development. We can apply creative thinking almost everywhere !
The course has more than 40 video lectures, divided to 8 sections. We will start our journey with small introduction on innovation and creativity and how they can be applied to our ongoing daily life, next we will adjust the “creative climate” with some very important preparation steps. Then we will follow the creative thinking cycle, phase by phase. 
ARE you ready to start your personal journey ?

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