Udemy – The Complete Guide for UK Overseas Students from Scratch [100% off]

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The Complete Guide for UK Overseas Students from Scratch

Course Description

This new short course was created by Mike Leahy after helping many overseas visitors, residents and students with common queries, assisting with university applications, helping some set up new businesses and much more. He saw the common problems and addresses them here. He has been a champion of overseas visitors. He currently runs local video school with a colleague from Zimbabwe and has mentored 2 local overseas visitors who have opened their own businesses.

If you are coming to the UK this is invaluable. Covered are pronunciation of common words, clarity of pronoun usage, easy use of verb for past, present and future and much more. There is guidance on major everyday essentials such as money and healthcare, shopping and eating out. There are suggestions on how to improve your English language. And there is guidance on customs and how to act.


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