Udemy – The Camera Conundrum – which video camera to buy? [100% off]

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The Camera Conundrum - which video camera to buy?

Course Description

Deciding which camera to pick for your project is hard especially if you’ve never purchased a camera before!

There are so many hundreds (if not thousands) of cameras to choose from. How can one person possibly know all that you need to know to pick one? That’s why I’m here!

I’m going to share with you all of the knowledge you’ll need to make these decisions because you need to be an informed consumer. Some instructors will just tell you to use camera x for everything, but that’s just not appropriate. In many cases, camera x isn’t the right choice, you should be using camera y. But if you don’t know WHY camera x isn’t right for you, then you won’t be getting the professional look you’re after. After taking the Camera Conundrum, you’ll know why you’re choosing the camera you need.

Why waste all of your time looking for ‘free’ resources on the ‘net when you don’t know the right questions to ask in the first place? Let me share my 6+ years of experience running the best DSLR video site on the planet and knowledge gained from interviewing over 50 industry experts and over 200 podcasts in this 3+ hour all video lecture course!

Inside, we’ll cover:

  • Some basic camera knowledge and terminology – things like how aperture, and shutter speed impact the look and feel of your image
  • A little history of why DSLRs became popular for creating video
  • How the size of the sensor on your camera changes your video look
  • What kinds of cameras you have to pick from in today’s market
  • Whether you should be shooting in 4k (and even what 4k means)

Why go thru all this?

  1. you want to save money by buying the right camera for your needs.
  2. knowledge is power and owning the right camera will save you time and energy
  3. you’ll save time surfing thru hundreds of youtube videos that supposedly help you pick a camera when they only give you 5 minutes worth of info – which isn’t enough for any beginner to understand WHY the camera is “right” for them.


“This course is an absolutely ‘must see'” Wendy Predestin – Original Print Films

“I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone considering a camera purchase for their next project.” Nicholas Chase — Nicholas Chase is a broadcast media, broadcast TV production and post-production systems design engineer and integration consultant

“Fantastic! I really never 100% understood about sensor sizes and the difference it makes to your shots – but I do now! Brilliant!” Mark Ramet – CEO Small Business Video

“It was fantastic! Incredibly thorough!” Richard Botto CEO Stage 32

“highly informative, interesting, and humorous approach” William Holoday


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