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The B2B Sales Blueprint

Course Description

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The top 8% of salespeople bring in over 80% of all sales… so what do they do differently?

They get their process down to a science! By the end of this course, you will do the same.

How much time do you spend calling, emailing, and creating materials for people will probably never buy? Do you ever feel like you’re grasping at straws when you’re trying to lock down follow up appointments? Are you tired of prospects going unresponsive? Maybe you’re a salesperson, business development professional, owner, consultant, or an entrepreneur. Regardless, you probably want more people to say “yes” more often…

If these challenges sound familiar, then you’re in the right place. You’re on your way to growing your business and eliminating stress.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Learn how to automate & outsource B2B lead generation.
  • Access 5 customizable spreadsheets, 8 product walkthroughs, and many other tools!
  • Create your own sales script – take control of your conversations.
  • Rev up your referral engine – profit from high-value leads.
  • Learn the one small lifestyle change that will bring you major sales and health improvements.
  • Free eBook download ($15 value): Mastering Account Management


It’s time to stop cold calling when you don’t absolutely have to! Sales technology produces x2 ROI than traditional methods. ACCESS the following:

  • 5 Pre-made Spreadsheets: Use these tools to control your prospect’s decision-making process, offer value, organize leads, and track success.
  • 6 Product Walkthroughs (and counting!): Build your high-tech tool belt, and learn what the new sales elites do to win.
  • “The Dark Arts of Email Tracking”: Secure appointments and boost your close rate by using email tracking to connect with context.
  • The Conversation Blueprint: Your sales script should have a soul! Step away from canned lines and rigid screenplays. This goal-based template, which includes many samples, will let you create a script that harnesses your unique strengths.
  • The Lead Generation Freelancer Blueprint: Multiply your efforts and increase your bandwidth by leveraging inexpensive global talent. The Lead Gen. Freelancer Blueprint, a fill-in-the-blank template, will completely streamline outsourcing .
  • And many more assets!


“Must have for any B2B Business Person… There’s always been chatter in the business world about profits, planning and long-term success. Seldom does the eager and anxious businessperson find immediately applicable instruction like in B2B Sales Blueprint. If you work for a company that sells goods or services to other companies, you need to take this course if you want to get ahead, or stay ahead. – the simple & successful LinkedIn in recipe was pure gold!”

-Bob Marx, President, MST Selling System



I created this course because I want to demonstrate that you don’t have to be a naturally-persuasive, smooth-talking salesperson, to achieve massive success. I wasn’t when I started, and I still don’t fit that bill.

As the first employee and only salesperson at IdeaRocket, an animation studio for businesses, I tripled revenue within one year, bringing an increase of $282,188. By the time I left the company, the team I built had grown yearly sales from $104K to over $1.3 Million. We won long-term business with 16 Fortune 500 customers, and many other small, medium and large companies across many industries. We moved from a small glass cubicle to a large studio space in Midtown Manhattan. In late 2014, I was able to leave my job to travel, write a book (comes free with this course – details below), and create courses.

The key to success is taking a methodical and scientific approach to sales. This means setting specific goals, using a finely-tuned script, leveraging technology, and outsourcing time-consuming tasks. By the end of this course, you will know how to apply the exact process I used to completely transform my business. In fact, I think you’re in a better position to surpass my success because you’re investing in your sales education.


“YES! It’s possible to Triple Your Sales! This is such an amazing program:

– Dan has a lot of experience and is very confident during each lecture.
– the lessons are excellent recorded (you need to watch the videos and animations) and are ordered in a logical manner.
– the information is at a high-quality level, easy to follow and implement.
– there are a lot of tools, documents attached.

If you want to build a stream of leads, close business on a higher level, have long-term sales results than I recommend to JOIN this Course!”

-Silviu Marisca



The course structure is based a typical sales process: Lead Generation –> First Conversation–> Follow-Up Appointments–> Closing.

From there, you’ll learn how to take action and get long-term results. Finally, there’s a section devoted to apps and tools for winning more business and making life easier.

You will NOT find vague motivational flourishes or useless jargon: Everything is grounded in specific examples and ACTION ITEMS.


1. Intro (Watch the PREVIEWS below!)

Learn how I was able to achieve million-dollar B2B growth by applying the techniques you’ll learn in this course.

2. Lead Generation

Take the quickest path from zero to a steady flow of qualified leads.

3. The 1st Conversation

By the end of this section, you will have written your own unique B2B sales script, with the help of The Conversation Blueprint.

4. Follow-Up’s and Closing

Avoid the pitfalls responsible for over 80% of all lost deals. Learn how to land follow-up appointments and make sure they stick. Get a “yes” by upping the ante.

5. Skills

To see results, you have to take action: learn the specific steps you need to take each day to close business.

6. Tools

Access an ever-expanding guide to new sales tools: use technology to guide the decision-making process, win follow-up appointments, automate meeting preparation, and achieve all sorts of other victories.

7. Additional Materials:

This is a living course. Here you’ll get a preview of what’s coming up next. Most importantly, you’ll be able to take advantage of one-on-one consulting (for a limited time – more details below).

ONE-ON-ONE FEEDBACK (For Limited Time)

I will review your completed Conversation Blueprints and answer questions. For now, if you’re wondering about any aspect of the course, feel free to get in touch by clicking on my profile at the bottom of this page.


A 102-step guide to increasing sales, serving your customers better, and working less. It combines the lessons in this course with others for providing exceptional customer service. It will give you the right framework for generating long-term repeat business (after all, you’re 40-55% more likely to win business with a previous customer than with a new prospect).

REMINDER: this course comes with a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. It’s risk free. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

2nd REMINDER: today’s price is a super-low introductory rate. It will increase by 50% very soon, so I highly recommend enrolling today.

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