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Course Description

It’s called comfort food for a reason. 
Because when you’re feeling down, or sad, or lonely, or stressed, these are the foods you turn to for comfort–and to help you avoid those negative feelings inside. 
They’re foods like ice cream, pizza, spaghetti, cookies, donuts, burgers, and of course, alcohol.
And of course, these are the same high-calorie foods that lead to weight gain, a bigger waist & hips, and all the health problems that come with obesity. 
It’s called emotional eating when you have an automatic emotional response that causes you to crave these fatty, sugary foods whenever you’re feeling something unpleasant. 
The truth is, you may not be as bad as the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street…but you are wired to overeat in certain situations. 
And even if it happens rarely, it’s often enough to completely derail your efforts to lose weight.
Think about it this way: just one emotion-fueled binge per week can easily cut a 3500-calorie deficit into a 1500-calorie deficit (or even less). That’s enough to slow your weight loss to a crawl… 
And it may be so frustrating that it causes you to lose heart and abandon your goals altogether. 
Luckily, there is hope. There are techniques & tricks you can use to recognize when you’re having an emotional eating urge…and to successfully avoid it–without ripping open a single bag of potato chips. 
The great thing about the material in this course is that it applies to any diet, any lifestyle, any eating plan, any exercise routine, any body-weight goal there is. 
In the next 2 hours, you’ll learn techniques you can use for the rest of your life. 
Not only will they help you to avoid emotional binges, but as a side-effect you’ll also learn better coping mechanisms–so that you can deal with stressful situations in the future in a way that’s healthy & effective. 
Whether you realize that emotional eating is a big problem or not, take a few moments to check out the free preview lessons for this course. I’m confident that you’ll learn a few powerful tips & insights you can start using today. 
So if you’re eager to kickstart your weight loss results, sign up now and get started taming your inner cookie monster today. 

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