Udemy – Tableau Introduction – Analyzing Multiple Sets of Data [100% off]

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Course Description

Tableau is a rapidly growing data visualization and analysis software application. Developing this skill set early will give you a differentiated advantage in searching for jobs and displaying data you may currently work with.

This Tableau course is meant for anyone looking to get an overview displaying the software’s capability. I will be working with different types of data to show you when and how to use the different views Tableau offers, including Maps, Bubble Charts, Scatter Plots, and Bar Charts. I will walk through 3 separate analyses using different data sources to highlight the software’s functionality.

Here is an outline of the course:

Lecture 1: Background

  • —Tableau great for clean & easy data visualization, defaults to best practice options, works well with large bodies of data

Lecture 2: Installing Tableau

  • —Program installation
  • —Tableau Public & Tableau Desktop

Lecture 3: Creating Bar & Packed Bubble Charts with McDonald’s Nutritional Data

  • —Create Bar Chart with color shading
  • —Create Packed Bubble chart and filter Top 10 by field values
  • —Create Text Table and format shading
  • —Create Dashboard for presenting information

Lecture 4: Creating a Map Using U.S. Census Data

  • —Create map by converting field to geographic property
  • —Add shading onto map using built-in Tableau data

Lecture 5: Creating Sets & Scatter Plots Using College Cost Data

  • —Create scatterplot and use trend lines to assess correlation
  • —Create Sets and compare against each other using the Dashboard


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