Udemy – Support Your Candidate With WordPress And Social Media [100% off]

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Course Description

In this course we create a WordPress Blog, customize the Blog including selecting a title, subtitle, header image, theme, and widgets, create several social media accounts, link the social media accounts and the Blog together, and learn how to leverage the automation provided by WordPress to quickly and easily share messages in support of your favorite political candidate.

No programming skills are required. Students with only a basic knowledge of the Internet that are politically active and want to support a candidate for public office but don’t have a lot of free time to participate in traditional activities such as phone banks, hanging flyers or door to door canvassing should consider taking this course. The method this course teaches will be especially useful if your candidate is not one of the two or three most popular candidates that are receiving all of the free mainstream media coverage.

Anyone with a passion for supporting a political candidate and a desire to invest some time in support of their campaign.

Step by step instructions are provided. When the course is complete you will have an easy to use Blog linked to your social media accounts and you’ll be able to use them to promote any candidate.


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