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Course Description

Do you hate to throw out a working computer but struggle with its lack of speed?

Technology changes at the speed of light these days but sometimes it can be impossible to keep up, especially when you’re on a budget. Some of us don’t have the luxury of upgrading our devices every year to the latest model but that does not mean we don’t want it to function well. If this is a challenge you face then this course will be a good fit for you. In short, the course will teach you how to make changes to the hardware on your old computer to improve speed and performance.

Most people throw out perfectly good computers because they think fixing it will be too difficult or too time consuming but neither of those assumptions is true. If you have a old, slow computer that takes far too long to complete every task, I will show you how to make some changes to improve the speed. Just following simple steps and making minor upgrades to your hardware can make all the difference. I have included a recording of me replacing the hardware just to show how simple it is and the only tool used is one screwdriver.

Are you tight on budget and need to save money?

Small upgrades can make huge differences. Hard drive and memory upgrades deliver huge performance gains. I will show you how you can upgrade the memory and hard drive and how to set up a new operating system. Making a computer faster is not only about changing out the old hardware. Some of the latest operating systems have become heavier and more demanding on computers since the developers know people will be upgrading on a regular basis. But changing the operating system can change all that for you. This process is actually fun and very rewarding.

The course consists of two primary sections. The first section covers the hardware aspect of the course and the second covers the operating system. Everything is shown in detailed steps.

Here’s what you will need

**The old computer that you want to repair (This should be working even though it may be slow)

**Access to the internet

**Firefox and Chrome web browsers (Both can be downloaded from the internet)

**Another computer from which to access the internet while you work and follow along

**A copy of the Linux Mint operating system (which can be downloaded for free from the Linux Mint website)

**A replacement hard drive (specifications will be given)

**Additional memory (specifications will be given)

Linux Mint is a Linux based operating system that is based on Ubuntu. The reason for using Linux Mint is so that users who are used to only working with Windows can easily make the change over to Linux. The learning curve for Linux Mint when coming from Windows is almost none existent. This should make the transition as smooth and as easy as possible.

This course was designed for you if have an old computer that needs upgrading but you would like to try doing it yourself. The process is simple enough to be followed with the video instructions that are included but the reality is that it is not for everyone. If you are a brave DIY-er who loves the feeling of accomplishment from having done something on your own then you will be very comfortable and pleased with this course, but beyond that, by the end you will have created something of value for yourself!


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